My job from hell…nepotism at mcdonalds

My job from hell is at Mcdonalds, i did nothing before, i work here to pay my way through college, it made me happy before the store was remodeled and received a new store manager.

I was doing fine with the new manager until she hired her boyfriend’s cousin. Nepotism! he is treated really special, he comes in whenever he wants, gets all the good hours, gets to clock out all his employee meals, gets to do nothing, gets paid more than anyone else, and if he doesnt like someone, he cam get the manager to fire that person, and guess what, he targets me.

because of him im not allowed to work in mornings, i get little hours, no raises or promotions, and has the manager against me. I feel less than everyone else that works their and it hurts me.

One day after an argument from him and what he was saying to me that i was lazy and no good, i stayed in my car after a shift and was just crying. After a few months it hasnt changed but i dont want to give up. I feel my manager is unfair and can,t seperate work from her personal life.

I hope in 5 years to have a job in telecommunications and be away from this place and that knowone goes through the same thing i went through