Verbal Punching Bag… drive thru cashier

I started this job not too long ago.When I applied here I just wanted a job and a paycheck,but honestly,I wish I waited for other places to call me back.When I was hired I was put to work at back cash(drive thru cash register and taking orders).In back cash,you are pretty much damned if you do and damned if you don’t.In BC,its all about speed.But if you don’t meet the time you get scolded at(nothing serious) every now and then.Usually when you’re back here its just you and its not that difficult if you get 1 or 2 cars.But come rush hour(5-7 P.M) its hell.You have to sort out change real fast while taking someones giant order.And they don’t make it any easier when they have specific orders for everything.For example,someone orders all 4 combo meals,each order is specific,they ask for steamed buns.You have to tell the people working on grill that they want it steamed,but the customer always says this near the end and then they want it all upsized near the end,keep in mind you have to be cranking out change and if the droor comes up short,it comes out of your pay and if you’re too slow with it,you get scolded about times and eventually ridiculed for it.So during rush hours when you are alone(i.e 97% of the time) you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t.But that is not the worst part.The customers are.But don’t get me wrong,some are real angels,but the rest plain old suck.Heaven forbid they say good when you say how are you.And is you can’t understand what they say,they drive over to my window pissed as hell.It is really tough to hear anyone with the muffled speakers and many customers mumble or speak real low.Some times the customer will be nice and slow down or speak louder if you ask them to,others get mad and say rant and rave all over and guve me a tongue lashing when they are at my window.So however long you work there(hopefully not long) you are a verbal punching bag to the plenty rude customers.