Treatment of a common kind… job

I have been working for McDonald’s (Australia) for only 8 months and i am sick and tired of all the shit i have to put up with while working there.

I joined up to work towards getting some money to move state and start a fresh. I have been living in the same spot for 18 years (i am only 18yrs old) and i need a change of scenery.

I was in McDonalds one day just getting some lunch with my friend who was a McDonalds employee but at a different store. As we where ordering my friend showed the manager at the till (during the lunchtime rush) his “number one” card (a card that allows you to get some benefits from local stores including 20% of any mcdonalds meal purchased). My friend and the manager started to talk and the manager told us he needed (by coincidence) “two” FULLTIME employee’s. We talked a bit after eating our lunch and the manager told buttered us up as if he needed just what me and my mate were made of. We went back to school and got our resume’s off the computers in the library and even asked for the last hour of the day off so we could put them into mcdonalds. Our teacher kindly gave us the afternoon off and we ran ‘happily’ to the restaurant and handed our resume’s in. That afternoon we recieved a call from the manager and asked us to come in for an interview the next day.

The next day me and my mate met up and made our way to the “McDonalds Family Restaurant”. After a 3 minute one on one talk with the manager he told us he would call us that night and he did confirming that we had gotten the jobs (even though we were the only ones applying he made it sound like others had applied to make us seem special) we thanked him and my mate made his transfer from his mcdonalds store to the new one.

We had 2 weeks of training 2 shifts in each and all 2 hours long (sounds funny) then we were told that we were set to work without a crew trainer but with our ‘training’ badges still on. We were made to sign some papers which we weren’t allowed to read and then get our uniforms, which we were told were free.

I worked there for a month learning new things, having people contradict themselves and tell me conflicting stories on how to do certain jobs. Even now after 8 months i havent learnt all of the jobs that can be done around the store due to laziness on the managers behalf.

After a month i took a holiday around new years and came back bright and fully rested for my job at McDonalds. On the path to where i am now i have been abused, hard done by, not told about shift changes, not informed on the correct procedure for many jobs, yelled at for doing things to benefit the customer worked over 5hrs without a break (which is illegal, they already fly under the radar and not give us our 10 minute break for working 4hrs), a customer changing their mind after i have cashiered the order, not cleaning up a mess that someone else is already taking care of, not showing initiative (when i don’t have time to show it because i am being hassled the whole time i am there by a manager or crew who over step their authority), harrased by managers, hit my a manager (the one who employed me) and used as the scapegoat. I have always done things that i have been told and not argued because i wanted to please the managers and get the business flowing well.

The place is filthy, flies can fly onto the lettuce shred, cheese, onion etc. and the product is still used, people wipe their nose with thei hands and dont wash them before continuing to cook the food. Managers have changed my shifts without confirming with me before hand or even telling me about them until i believe i have finished my shift. I have changed my availibility timetable to fit with another job i have got to make up some money to move (i am only casual) the second job is 5 nights a week working from 5 – 11. I have had to change my availabilities to fit with my other job 4 or 5 times in the past 2 – 3 weeks and i have had to talk to the managers and store owners (husband&wife) over 6 times about being rostered over the times i am available and being told i have to work them cause i was rostered and i dont get overtime (which i should because i shouldn’t be working the time they put down, because of my availability timetable. I have been told by a manager that i only changed it last week so they could get out of the blame of stuffing up.

I have been blamed for managers faults, blamed for giving out wrong orders (the orders that managers have taken out), i have been verbally abused and once physically abused (hit with a broom). I have had to take care of drive-thru (running/presenting) and front counter at the sametime during a breakfast rush (which in the end gave me a stress induced twitch in my left eye) and because i had to ignore front counter for about 3 minutes because of the orders i had to get for drive thru (4 massive orders about 4 meals in each, some with grills) i was yelled at by a manager, but when i asked for help it was declined. I was also told by a manager that i was not allowed to get another job. Me and my Mate were offered FULLTIME jobs there but got put on casual and kept there working 2 – 3 shifts a week only 4hrs long it is just unbelievable.

There is so much more i could say about the place and how bad it is to work there but i need my sleep. Whatever you do, do not get a job at McDonalds. No matter what people say, its not worth it. So many people around the world who work at mcdonalds experience these problems. McDonalds is just a lowlife organisation, the managers don’t give a shit about their employee’s they use and abuse the employee’s because they are too lazy to do any of the jobs themselves and then blame you for jobs not being done and saying you are lazy when u are working flat out.
For all i care McDonalds can BURN IN HELL!