The worst job ive had….mcjob

I’ve been working for McD’s for over 2 years now. When i first got this job i thought that it was the best job ever when i was a crew member. As time when on it started to get annoying. At first most of the managers made me work out in the Lobby. Then when i complained they moved me to “Backdrive” then kept me back there. then i would complain again.

About 4 months later, the store manager steped down from her position and right then my job got worse. The new manager didnt know how to do her job. Most of the time she is on a break and when she is not on a break she is eating food. After talking to the old store manager she explains that she stepped down becuse the Supervisor would constently fight with her about policies that the new store Manager dosnt follow. The old Store manager also explained that she had most of the responsiblites that other people are supose to have. To this day the old store manager has the same reponsibilies when she had the store manager title. The new one just has the title. (The new store manager and the supervisor were husband and wife when ever there was a problem with the store manager the supervisor would ignore you. I had to take most of my problems to the owners)

As time went on, one of my friends got a job there, when i asked her to train him, she denied and sent me to backdrive. Later that day i was training him on backdrive and she came back and yelled at me, then he was sent to the front.

When i started working there i got 7.00/hour it was like that for a whole year. When i became a manager they raised it by .50. then, recently they raised it to 9.25/hour.

In the end, there is really only one person i look up to, its the old store manager. She is prolly the best manager i know.