love/hate mcdees….mcdonalds clerk

well what can i say about working at mcdees…..when i was hired it was horrible i thought YES money a job..out of the house..well oh boi..

i was trained orriginally on counter..but i dint pick it up as quickly so i was sent to Grill to be the meat bitch and put down food product where i was taunted about being slow..

but i tried my yea so i got better at counter..and could do it like the back of my hand i was awsome..but my stupid managers..would put newer ppl on counter and me on “frys” which i hated..

and no matter where i was , i was always sent to go clean the dinning..i was so happy that i was in grill once that i woulndt have to clean dining..but what do you know i was sent to clean dinning i was like wtf..thats not my job its the damn lazy person on counter..

the mamagers drive me insane sometimes..and they made me feel like shit and i felt i was treated like shit…well finnaly i was sent to back cash and I was a god back there..but again they decided to keep me in grill..well one morning haha isnt this funny…they called my house at 6:30 wanting to know if i’d come in and sister said i was sleeping but they said i dont care i need her to come in and work..mind you this was my day off and it was very early..well i decided to come in to get some hours since i was getting shitty hours..well our big manager guy was coming in all i practically did was clean..clean and clean on my hands and knees everywhere only one manager was appreciative..shes the nicest and there only like 2 that i really get along great with..the others made me do all their stupid jobs that they were too lazy to do..and they know that im a good lil cleanre that i do a good job..well they made me cry that day..but then they treated me like royalty haha but then the next morning they called me in , i was like wtf..are u stupid..i mean i bend over backwards for them..and get treated like there are ppl that are great there and it can be alot of fun..and recently iv talked to management about stuff and their much better..generally their pretty good most of the time..the guys are perverts though..luckily we have no guy mangaers..its alot worse than you think..