This is in response to those who posted about how much they love nursing and felt the need to attack those who say they hate it

Give me a break!!!!!You’ve NEVER had a bad day and felt the need to vent? I think most of the frustration from nursing comes because people really DO CARE about the work that they are doing. I didn’t become a nurse because I hate people and I don’t hate my job because I hate helping people. I HATE the situations that administation puts us in that prevents me from doing what I know is right! I don’t see how you could be a nurse and LOVE being overloaded and too busy to take proper care of your patients! Those of you who seem to think that nursing is all good are obviously blind to what is really going on around you! By shouting out that you love nursing the way that it is, you’re really only saying that you are ok with insurance companies, hospitals, etc, profiting at the patients expense and you don’t mind giving sub-standard care!