my job description…..Waitress

I waitressed for many years. All through college, then afterwards to help make ends meet (my first ‘real’ job was as an editorial assistant for 18K/year). I also waitressed when I went back to grad school. I worked in both fine dining and little diners.

Here are some of waitresses’ top ten peeves;

* Customers who let their kids run around the restaurant, smear ketchup and sugar all over the tables and chairs. Be a PARENT, idiots!

* People who treat you like you’re stupid. I knew many people with masters’ degrees who went back to waitressing. They’re probably smarter than some of you SOB’s out there with prestigious, but miserable, careers.

* People who make you repeat the salad dressings, specials, desserts, what have you, ten times. “I’m sorry. I wasn’t listening. What are the dressings again?” So you stand there and for the eighth time repeat, Blue cheese, russian, thousand island, ranch and honey dijon. Then the next idiot at the table, “I wasn’t listening. What were they again?” MORONS!

* People who leave you piles of pennies or shitty tips. If you can’t afford to tip, eat at home. If you disagree with the tipping system, eat at home. This is our bread and butter and we work hard for it.

Here’s the good things about waitressing;

* Very sociable job
* You stay in GREAT shape
* In the right place, the money can be fantastic
* Free or cheap food
* Schedules are often flexible — they’re used to accomdating students, moms, people who come and go a lot

I have since left the field but the one I’m in now gives me less satisfaction. I’m now in a ‘professional’ field and I get more ‘respect’ I suppose….but I miss the camaraderie of restaurants, I miss the running around, the late nights…

Perhaps I’ll start doing it on the side again