poor restaurant management……..Long John Silver’s cook

Well my name is NAME DELETED and my job here is many things. First of all everyone is supposed to be cross-trained full for every position in the store but it just so happens that I’m the ONLY one that is. I excel at Drive-Thru and cook. I am expected to do both jobs at once sometimes also.

I am currently 20 and have had this job since I was 16. I don’t even know why I continue to do this job really at all and it has its ups and downs from time to time. The only thing about this job is that my store out of 8 others happens to be the lowest volume making store in the district. There have been many times where I’ve just wanted to walk out.

My Long John Silvers restaurant manager gives favoritism to other workers. She’ll even schedule them in my place on night shifts sometimes and even then they don’t show up and I receive no phone call to come in but instead they call another horrible worker. It’s just plain stupid.

I work in Mesquite, Texas and it’s a nice city. I don’t understand why the Mexican cook who doesn’t know English at all gets paid $6.75 and I still get paid $6.17 an hour!!!! And I can run a register and cook!!!!! It’s disgusting.

And just the other day my district manager had told me that while I’m in college that I need to learn Spanish in order to even get a 0.30 cent raise so I can converse with customers……and I’m like yeah right I’ll go learn it and then work for the Government.

The managers expect you to be fanatics of this job and treat it like a lifelong career. Anyways Long John Silver’s is a horrible company and I would suggest never eating there either because our health is extremely horrible and our food is 99.9% of the time is EXPIRED!!! you would be better off eating at Red Lobster. Very horrible company.