The Truth Behind McDonalds….mcdonalds area manager

Hi, i’m a area manager for McDonalds in Winnipeg Manitoba. I’ve read acouple of stories about people that work at McDonalds.

Now some McDonalds might be like how some explain it to be, but not all McDonald Resturaunts are evil, horrible, nasty places to work. And not all the managers are evil people. Now there are times that I will get frustrated with the crew because frankly some of them are lazy and dumb. You are being paid to work, and when I walk through the resturaunt and I just see people talking or goofing around it gets me mad. You can talk and have fun but you gotta work.

Yeah there are times that I would like to just sit down and relax and I do. I let my crew do the samething assuming i’ve seen them work. McDonalds is not an evil corpation yes some resturaunts are corrupted thats why you just quit or get transfered. For those of you that work at McDonalds and are having problems here are some things you can do to help better the situation. Talk to the crew or mamagers your having a problem with, if they lash out or don’t listen go to the resturaunt manager.

If he/she doesn’t listen go to the operation consultent. That person is your resturaunt managers boss. You can get in contact with the op.consalt either by asking your resturaunt manager or phoning head office and asking for your ops consultent, just make sure you state your resturaunt your from. You can contact PAL, if PAL isn’t present in your resturuant go to the ops consultent.

When things get tuff don’t give up, solve your problem cause hate to till you this but McDonalds isn’t the only place this happens at…it’s at every single job site you go to. So better learn how to deal with problems now.