WTF was I thinking?? My Nursing Career blows!!…..nurse case manager

Holy cow. Unbelievable. I can’t believe I spent 4.5 yrs at the University of South Alabama to get a BS in Nursing. I really thought I was going to make good money and love my job by helping people in my nursing career. Yeah right!!!

What a joke. After 6 months into my first job in Adult ICU, I realized this is for the birds. I have worked ICU, acute psych, recovery room, pre-op, and for an insurance company as a case manager. I now have beat the system a little bit and work behind a computer!! Only place I’ll ever work as an RN again if I can help it.

Thank God I had a moment one day and realized I need to do what exactly I have always wanted to do. Join the Fire Department. I am almost done with the hiring process and about to begin rookie school. True, I won’t make near as much money, but I can make that up part time with all my time off, and I will LOVE MY JOB!

I don’t know who’s worse. HIPPA or JCAHO. Both have made conditions for nurses less than desirable. Downright pathetic. They take more and more and more away from nurses and expect us to do MORE WITH LESS! BS!!! Its our licenses on the line.

I have only been an RN 6 years and I am so glad I am getting out!!
I teach computer classes to RN’s all day and 90% of the nurses that come through my class say the same thing, “Nursing Sucks!!” Word to the wise… STAY AWAY FROM NURSING IF YOU ARE DEBATING IT!!