My Employees Call Me Asshole, salary not worth it….paralegal/legal assistant

I worked in a law office as a “legal assistant,” which I found out apparently means underpaid paralegal. My coworkers and I would write legal documents for the attorneys because the attorneys did not know how to write the documents themselves — they had no clue. They did make feeble attempts at dictation, but it became apparent to us that we were better off just writing them ourselves.

We often turned to one another and asked, “How did these guys get INTO law school in the first place, let alone OUT?”

Meanwhile, the attorneys were taking in more and more cases without doing anything to cope with the increased volume. There are a number of files in their cabinets that have had nothing done with them for over a year. Naturally, this did not improve the mood of clients calling the office.

Last year, I decided to take the week off between Christmas and New Year’s Day. While I was gone, I received an e-mail from one of my coworkers saying that my immediate boss was badmouthing me, blaming things that were his fault on me, etc. I was extremely upset, and decided to forward my coworker’s e-mail to my boss to confront him, saying that, if he wanted me to stay at the firm, some changes were going to have to be made.

My boss took my coworker into his office and — unknown to me — told her that I was campaigning to have her fired.

When I came back from vacation, my boss — unknown to my coworker — told me that my coworker’s e-mail was all a lie. Since my coworker was — understandably — giving me the silent treatment, I took this as a sign that her e-mail HAD been a lie.

A little over a month go, my coworker gave her two weeks’ notice. When she told me, I congratulated her and asked where she was going.

She had no replacement job, she told me. She just wanted out — again, understandably.

A few weeks after she left, my boss told me that it was obvious that I was unhappy, and so he was terminating me.

When I tried to make a claim for unemployment insurance, he tried to claim to the state that I was not entitled to benefits because I had been fired for misconduct. Of course, he had no proof of this, and I am now receiving checks.

I have a second interview with another firm this week, and my former coworker and I have patched up our friendship. I hope to go to law school someday.

The point of this story? My coworker and I should have never believed anything that this lying sack of shit told us.