Xmas Furniture sales job…..don’t trust us.

I used to work for MFI as a salesman. I wasn’t allowed to sell kitchen because it was too valuable to the business so I sold furniture and bits and bobs. It was just over Christmas….everybody goes down there for Christmas because they need extra stuff and I got the job somehow.

These people, they have to fill in forms and put in a number. And they can buy things themselves like that. But basically the idea is you run around the shop trying to help people to buy things that they don’t want. And everytime you fill in a form for them and you put your signature at the bottom, you get a commission. So you run around and try and get as many signatures as possible to make more commission.

It was Christmas and I needed the money. I’m no salesman. I didn’t like anything about this job…it was shit.

I didn’t see myself as a salesman. I disliked everything. I thought it was terrible and I never trusted a salesman again. I tried not to be pushy but that’s the idea of being a salesman. I didn’t like being distrusted. I couldn’t really force people to buy things that they didn’t want.