Housekeeping Supervisor Job Description……housekeeper

She gives some 8 rooms to clean and gives others 20 rooms to clean,(not fair).She also takes part of the tips that we earn,plus has her paycheck.

You can find the housekeeping supervisor also watching t.v..She has her favorites,and mean to the others.

She has us do a whole building by our selfs in two days.10 rooms upstairs,10 rooms downstairs,2 beds in each,some in kings and queens.Plus public work,some minor stuff,others washing bird poop.While her favorites get the clean jobs.

She jumps down your throat and all things,but lets her favorites do what ever.We work very hard for our pay,while she gets to count and divide the tips behind close doors.Giveing herself tips.We work 6to7 days aweek most the time.

The Housekeeping supervisor bosses and is mean with the ones she doesn’t like.She has them out of a job,with out reason’s,and keeps the ones who drink or she is friendly with.Most of all she takes part of our tips.We never see our tips until she goes to her office,behind close doors,and counts and takes her share.She makes sure she has her coffee,and cake,while others wait for even a drink of water.During brakes or when ever she feels like it.Never says thankyou.

Our Housekeeping Supervisor is just not fair.No one wants her to lose her job,but she don’t care if you lose your job.