Fired for preventing loss…..loss prevention jobs at Home Depot

Before I went to Home Depot to work in loss prevention, I heard war stories. I thought it was just disgruntled ex-employees…I was wrong.

I had 5 years experience in Loss Prevention and received commendations for my work. I knew I was in trouble as soon as I started. What I was told in the interview was BS…just to get me in. I am resigning shortly and glad to be leaving Home Depot.

I recently investigated a Home Depot store manager for theft…and proved it. But, powers that be found a way to “explain” it. The result…he walks and I get written up!! Are you kidding me??

His buddies present me with the form and I sign it and add a comment. Well, corporate would raise an eyebrow to what I wrote, so…you ready for this…they forge my signature on a copy of the form and submit that one instead. Can you believe it…only problem..ha ha…I made a copy of both forms. Nice to have a master key…

Anyway, I suggest when you perceive you may be entering a problem at your loss prevention job, start documenting and making copies. This event is going to come back and bite them in the ass for sure. The Home Depot has many great employees and a couple good managers, but for the most part, I have seen the absolute worst losers managing these stores. I hope Lowes puts them outta business…not that Lowes may be any better, but it would be a valuable lesson for them.