Only the menu changes….restuarant manager job description

16 years. One job. Sounds like a long time. Nah, i’m 30 now and I work in the restaurant buisness.

I’ve had every job from dish washer to executive chef. And work in just about every kind of cuisine there is. But, now it seems that for the last oh, 8 years, every boss is the same. Fake, shallow and willing to cut corners sacrifice qaulity just to save on ticket times. Every restaurant job is the same, only the menu changes.

I am currently working as a resaurant manager in Daytona beach. It is the busiest restuarant around. Including me there are 8 managers. All having different personalities and so on. I used to have a great deal of compassion for tis restuarant, but then my chef told me that I shouldn’t take my job to heart!

My job is my career. My life. I spent a great deal of time at my job because I love it. He also thiks I’m moody. I think of quiting my job all the time. But why? I’ll go to another restuarant and it will be the same thing. I am sure, in my mind I think that when I’m gone all the things that I personaly did on a day to day basis would get done, but they never will. Like when the cooks close and you check them out, did they clean all the standing water in the bottom of the cooler? Man and those guys always try to get away with shit. Always trying to leave and not cover things in thier refers. Or reachins if your not farmilar with refer.