Nurse Clicks making me hate my professions….MBA/MSN program

1. Management do not care about the staff. All they care about their loaded pockets.I have gotten to the point of dreading to go to work because of the dysfunctional nurses,including RN’S,LPN’S AND TECH’S.

If you don’t get into their clicks you are an outcast. I have never in my life worked at a facility where so many problems.I am from the midwest and moved to the south and I am in shock to see so many lazy people.They keep up so much mess it makes you sick and wonder how management made the decision to hire some of them.I witnessed how a group of them got together and lied on a nurse and she got fired because of the lies they told.I am in the MBA/MSN program at this time and when I get to the end of my MBA program I will be changing the MSN to something else.

When I first went into nursing there were some nurses saying ” They wish they had not gone into this field and I can see where they were coming from as I experienced nursing myself.I am a RN working on a telemetry unit 12 hr shifts.I can not stand the nurses. Some of them are very,very nonprofessional.They do poor nursing care and management does not try to improve these conditions.I enjoy taking care of the patients, but we have been getting very demanding patients and family members and this can be very stressful.Several nurses have been abused and injured by family members and patients.

Mangement does not give praise to the staff.I hear them coming in every morning complaining.I plan to start my own business.I have never in my life seen so many dysfunction people in a facility before. You would think of the south is where people are hard working people and there may be some, but I have not seen this before coming here.