im loathing the people trying to get free food………mcdonalds

mcdonalds ha what a joke, i used to work there the most annoying thing are the customers i dont know who they thought they were smashing the windows in cuz they had to wait 2 minutes for fries when they wait 15 minutes for pub food what are they ethiopians they act like theyve never eaten before, we had a woman/ bitch that would come in with her screaming kids that ran around sometimes passing the barriers trying to get into the kitchen!!!!!

im not a child minder she would come in every single day sometimes twice a day and i would watch her mutilate her food then have thwe nerve to come up to my till and say we did it and that she was disgusted, most people that go to mcds are complete scrubbers with the hope of finding something wrong so they can complain to get free food, the vouchers whwre they think oh buy a big mac get one free is like winning a sports car to them

what they dont realise that a mac is worth about 10p probably less. they que out the doors to obtain the vouchers trying to use as many as possible erm no one per person PRESENT ok well ive got my dog with me or a babie that cant even walk let alone order a happy meal or there at home its for a friend i dont care read the terms i know u already have u just want to try con me. then they try and tell me how the vouchers work and how mcdonalds runs erm do you work here NO. then they start screaming wanting head offices number cuz they want to get you sacked for some stupid little thing like they waited a minute for a hamburger some get violent for no or little reason threatening to kill you this happens about twice three times a month, hold on head office is for serious complaints like glass in your food not i had to wait a minute for a hamburger grow up. be patient its not like im making you wait on purpose why would i/we.

customers calling you a bitch or a twat to which we can only reply im very sorry its all our fault you dont like the sauce on that big mac let me get you loads off voucher to which you can feel superior to making us feel like shit. ive waited 25 minutes they dont half exagerate no youve waited 3 minutes cuz i can check on your receipt. customers feel so grown up and hard to pick on the employee as we have no powers to argue back but if we could they would see what a hard time we get running round like idiots getting 7 orders at a time. and the kids that wonder the streets come and sit in there drinking smashing the place up and threatening to get there mothers or just chucking stuff at you and being really abusive. dont think its easy i know thats what the customers think you just flip a burger and hand it to them there is so so so much more that that it is so difficult and stressfull. oh and im sorry the power went down but we still decided to serve you with calculaters to which you moaned about the wait cant you see whats going on here obviously theres going to be a wait your lucky ur getting served at all be greatfull your the ones who want it so so so badly if your not prepared to wait dont stand in my que then moan about standing in it im not moaning about the fact that im on an 18 hour shift with no break because im trying to serve you to keep you happy. i dont come into your work and start bawling my head off to you. and no were not a fast food resturant we never claimed to be were just fast as it happens i hate it when they would say that.

and when breakfast finishes at 10.30 its our fault they want breakfast at 11 oclock and the face on some of them like a slapped arse when they have to wait for something. i walked home from work in my uniform and peole would try to make a complaint about something i dont care im not at work. they give u the vouchers after theyve ordered we dont have a magic cancel button we have special buttons for vouchers so i have to trapes round looking for keys to take it off while they get aquanted with the big sign that says vouchers first. funny how they notice the word free so easily.

so yeah cutomers and there moaning compensation this head office that i want i want i want if i dont get ill kick your head in if you make a mistake, because your not a normal person with feelings your a robot who gets abused often threatened sometimes attacked and to all of this is NOT NOT NO way an exaggeration if anything this is the nice version, thankyou and if you go to mcdonalds please understand what there going through and why they wont always smile or get your order right ther not doing it on purpose cuz you have no idea on how mcdonalds works so you have no idea what your complaining about from our point of view.