I’d rather be in Iraq than be a nurse….ASN

I completed an accelerated ASN track in
9 1/2 mos while working 30 hrs a week because I truly wanted to be nurse so bad. All of my life from early childhood all I could think of was being a nurse. Then came nursing school and clinicals. Really I should have paid attention about the instructors I had and my clinical experience.

The nursing instructors were horrible, they truly expected you KNOW EVERYTHING yet the made MANY MANY mistakes in our presence. I even had one nursing instructor atteempt to hang Vancomycin with blood. Had I done that I would have been failed out – thrown out – made to feel and look lower than snail slime. But then I got to graduate – then came the preceptorship. It was horrible. It is true. I read another site that said that patients have no idea of exactly what goes on in hospitals. If they did no one would ever have surgery again. Yes, I have witnessed nurses take meds out and NEVER EVER give them. They take out the pixis, scan them and throw them away!!!! yes – yes. Don’t try and tell anyone – it is hopeless. They don’t believe you and then you are the problem. It is also true that nurses eat their young. When a new nurse arrives on the unit, does anyone every come out and truly greet them and welcome them. NO – they are looked at as fresh meat to beat up, dump on and talk about behind their back. Experienced nurses SELDOM and mean SELDOM are ever helpful to new nurses. My experience has been they are MEAN – MEAN – MEAN.

I have had few role models of experienced nurses that I would want to emulate. Also, because nurses have so MANY patients and mean so MANY patients – all of them are at risk. I have personally witnessed a 22 yr old female patient have a grand mal seizure because me and every other nurse pushed Demerol and no one had enough time to read her chart that she had seizures in early childhood. This patient almost died.

I’ve also witnessed a very healthy paitent come into the hospital for dehydration and experience fluid overload due to IV fluid infusing too fast because the nurse did not have time to check the IV because she had TOO MANY PATIENTS that were ALL REALLY SICK.

Nursing sucks and I have left. My only concern is that the public has no idea, and hospital, doctors and nurses ALL know what is going on and they don’t say anything. There is real big conspiracy going on by all those nurses that write they love nursing at this I hate nursing site. They are live in the dream world called DENIAL. New flash nurses that wrte I love nursing at this site – you must be using drugs or in the biggest world of DENIAL that ever existed to come to this site and say you love nursing. Go stay in your hospital and while you are at the documentation station talk to your other coherts like yourself about how the new nurses on the unit and about this site. You are good at backstabbing – stay there and stay away from here – NO ONE HERE BELIEVES YOU – we KNOW what the real world of nursing is.

By the way I too I have left nursing and I am looking for a way to change nursing school and the nursing profession after I recover from the post traumatic shock I experienced as a nurse for the short period of time I was nurse. It was the most horrible experience of my life. I’m glad I left before I killed someone because I had too many patients to care for. Good luck to all you nurses who are honest and still employed there. Hopefully you may be able to find something else to do and may be we can get together and really try to reform this profession. I am sorry I will never get to live out my long life dream of being a nurse.