Medical Records Clerk….Sick of all the gossip.

My job is in medical records in a certain hospital in Atlanta. The job entails seeing that the patients medical documentation is up to date, ensuring that doctors complete all deficiencies and other items so the hospital can get paid for its services. I am sick of it! It’s not the first job I’ve had in medical records, but I’ve come to the conclusion that the medical records department is the headquarters of gossip in the house!! I’m a thirty one year old man who has had to put up with women(old and young) gossipping about the misfortunes of others and “getting other people in trouble.” Grade school antics!!! Jealous women who get mad at you if you don’t hate who they hate.

To add fuel to the fire, the supervisor is only a suoervisor in name. She does nothing to improve the condition of affairs in the department and doesn’t believe she can either. She even sides with some of the gossipping women as to how affairs should be run in the office.

I have been on the job for three years and I wonder why I have stayed this long. There have been no pay raises for two years and the overall morale in the damn place is real low. You hear people in the halls bitching about how hard it is to make ends meet with their stagnant paychecks.

Upper managenment grins, saying that all is Ok when they know damn well it isn’t. Even doctors complain about the day to day affairs in the hospital. Upper manangement could care less because all major finances go through them! They get to cruise through Europe whenever they want, buy a new Mercedes on a whim, come in when they feel. Meanwhile the worker bees don’t have a f—–g clue. Either that or they don’t care.

However I do, (care that is). About my life and my sanity. I’m leaving the place this year to something better, ‘cos like someone here said, life is short. You only live once. To hell with James Bond.