So, how do we fix it?….Ohio Nurse

I’m an RN in Ohio who is on the brink of emotional meltdown. Prior to this, I was a Paramedic and damn did I love that job. I entered into nursing as what I figured was the next logical step. Medicine has always intrigued me. What I didn’t expect was how there is a total and complete lack of support out here for nurses. I think this is the crux of the problem. Hey…i’ll turn around so you can see the whip marks on my back!!!!!

I like knowing what I know…the medical “stuff”. I like the confidence I have in the care I give my patients. I detest the lack of respect I get from my peers. Nurses, is this your experience too? Is it totally the patients causing us the grief, or the ones we work with? As a Paramedic..being in that field…it’s a family. Your partner’s got your back and everyone stands up and rallies behind you when the shit hits the fan. So far, it’s been my experience (as a CCU/ICU nurse) that when the shit hits the fan… you do the clean up on your own. Why is this? Going through nursing school, instructors always said “Nurses eat their young”. Is it some sick, sadistic right of passage to make more bitter nurses emerge?

I can say with my entire being that I currently hate what my job consists of. I don’t dislike the patient care….I dislike the lack of respect our peers show us. The “pass the buck” attitude. Some dipshit is too lazy or plain doesn’t care, so they give the burden of their work to the next victim..i mean nurse…to deal with. We do it, muttering under our breath the entire time, so as to not ripple the calm of the pond. Builds up doesn’t it? All the frustration of being dumped on and used. Nurses care…but who cares for nurses?

I’d love the opportunity to brainstorm….how in the hell do we reverse the system?