dont know what all you americans are on about….McDonalds is an awesome job!!!!!!! i luv it

well..obviously all you american crew/ managers etc. are having a sucky time, but you should check out down under…you say you’s get treated with no respect..well in Australia at my Mcdonalds we are treated awesome, everyone is mates..yeah sure you have the few odd people that are moody occasionally, or bitchy..but you deal with it..its part of life and wherever you go your gonna meet people like that…managers do get angry, but what do you expect if you dont do as is required? or if you slack off do you ecpect them to say its ok…they do have a business to run and it is a “fast food” restaraunt…

you’s also say that you have like some corrupt business..well macca’s down organised!!…i would have to admit 1 or 2 times i have worked with out a break…but that due to it being sooooo busy and you just cant leave..ur job is to serve the customers, You are paid to do your job and managers really do care and value each crew member….no money is ever gone missing at my store…you must have some really dodgy people at your work…cause i can tell ya…Macca’s down under is awesome…

sure sure i complain about going to work..but who in this world doesnt? ever?

managers never ever sell drugs..i cant even begin to understand now what goes on in your country…those people deserve to go to jail…i know the managers at my store care so much about each kid…we arent allowed to do anyting that jepodizes our safety, wellbeing, health..i hurt my arm last week or week before and my manager didnt want me to come to work incase i made it worse….

well my point is…American McDonald stores are dodgy and corrupt..down under are mad!..its great for is decent…i get paid more than enough..i get enough shifts and hours..i have made so many extra friends..i have learnt soo much more..its just worth it!!!!