a good first place to work… mcdonalds job

Because every job after this will seem so much better. A McDonalds job is really horrible when you step back and look at it. You never get the chanch to lay back and do nothing while you wait for customer. No no… rather then pay someone to clean and stock they have the service people doing those jobs. Ok.. This may not sound so bad, two jobs for one person, no problem right. Wrong. Managers will do anything to get their “Labor count” down (It’s a percentage of labor to cash taken in) so they will run with as few people as possible. For example, here is a typical Sunday for me. I get there around 5:10. Anywhere from 5-15 minutes late. Now this is a perk. I am a drive-through master. I have like 2/3 the DT time everyone else manages even during rushes and every manager knows it. I was only talked to once about being late- and It was a new manager who after “getting into the system” at my McDonalds never mentioned it to me again. When you are a good worker you have power over your managers. Complain and whine all you want if you’re good because the managers hate spending months training little kids to become good like me. Anyways, so I show up late and stroll back to the break room. Past my stalker (yes you heard it) and I say hey to all my peeps. Now here is another perk- The people. You all know what you’re doing is preety much one big joke and they treat it like that. Most of the people who work there are cool. But this is true at alot of other jobs.. and for the most part the managers are much stupider then me. I’m going to college while they could quite possibly spend the rest of their life at – McDonalds. The managers (in general) constantly think they know everything. Don’t try to reccomend procedures that would improve time or anything like that… you have to do it their way or the highway, let techies back at McDonald’s HQ figure out complex problems like a sauce / to nugget ratio. What would a crew person know about that. All right, all right. So now I wonder up to front counter and clock in at like 5:20 maybe. Then a manager gives me a dirty look and hands me the headset.

If you ever want to go deaf in one ear and talk to some of the dumbest/nicest people then please, by all means join mcdonalds and get trained for Drive Through. Fairly though, most of the people are good people. Of course, I end up resenting them anyways. When it’s busy, I will just stand in back bubble (where orders and cash are taken) and blaze through my orders then wait for cars to pull through while I do nothing. It’s when it’s not busy that I start hating life. Every time I go up and walk up to front counter because my manager wants me to stock/clean/re-fill something that stupid thing beeps. That beeping sound will drive me insane. I mean all I hear in my head are BEEEP BEEEP BEEEP and so on forever. I swear that hearing in my right ear has been permentatley damaged by this thing… Anyways, so I’m walking back to back bubble, take the cash then go back up to help my manager with something dumb and it beeps again. SO basicly I walk a 1/4 block three or four times a minute for no reason. Now, before you say that I’m fat and I need the exercise I play in several sports and am a trim 6 ‘1 170 pds. McDonalds can make you fat. If you eat shakes, I mean these things have 1500 calories for a large! But hey, they are preety good.The rest of the food is all right, I mean I think they put something in the food that makes me crave it sometimes still. Anyways, so now it’s latter and I move up “front”. This is the front counter that you see and the window that you see a guy/gal handing food and drinks out of. Anyways. On this paticular Sunday it seems that I need to take orders (This consists of listening to a person then entering it onto a cool little touch screen) then i turn around and wait at the window to take their cash. After that I would hand out their drink then go and get their food, assemble it (put it in a bag.. yeah we have alot of stupid names for normal things)and hand it out. Right. This works great in theory. But what happens when I take that order then another car comes… then another, then another, then another… and this is when you’ll here me saying something like “Sorry I’ll be right with you.”.. now I take cash from the cars that come through all the while making sure that I have the right drinks, plenty of fries (Which can be a job by itself), and then get the order together. Easy right? Well yeah. I said I’m good right? Well ok so now the door opens and I hear that familiar thud so I look up, ok about 5 people come in and look at the menu then at me, and then they start talking. I tell them someone will be with them in a few seconds. All right, so now I yell for a managers who will try to come up, and usually they do. I try not to do this though unless I really have too because; for example they always look up at a computer monitor that shows DT times. By now they are flashing red… (bad) and they ask “What’s the problem” I’m like well derrr if you wouldn’t give me 4 jobs to do we wouldn’t have a problem. So this may suck, you say, but not so bad right? Wrong. I’m also expected to close lobby. This sucks so much I don’t even wanna talk about it. But I will. You basicly wipe all the tables, clean the bathrooms, sweep and mop. If you’re good you can do a good job in like 40 minutes, under 30 if it wasn’t busy today. Now i’m busy taking orders this entire time so every time it beeps I walk half a block from the back of the lobby over to the window. Then I go back and forth… well you get the point. Anyways, now I’m done with lobby so that’s one less responsibility right? Yep. Too bad my “reward” for doing such a fast and good job is a manager doubtfully walking through looking for any error in my work. Of course they find none. But they don’t wanna look stupid so they say something like. “Make sure you clean the ridges on the displays better” or something stupid like that. My other reward for this fast job is them “letting” me close front counter too. This isn’t so hard but it also sucks. Basicly you have to stock all of those stupid sauces that you guys, (and I) love. Then sweep, mop, same deal. So now im tired and I want to go home. So I ask permission. The usual reply is “Ok if you bring up so and so first”

And I’m like, **** no It’s past my time to leave I wanna leave now… but I go get that stupid stuff they want. They know I want to leave more then I want to argue.

So when I leave I take whatever I can. I grab a mcflurry/ sundae or two and some extra pies. Anyways, you’d think after all this dumb **** we’d get free food. Nope, half off. Now this isn’t so bad but still for all the stuff we put up with. Anyways.. I stole my fill of food anyways. Nuggets, Frys. Chicken strips. Yep, that was a bad sunday. Sometimes you got cool managers who whould let you do less but don’t let the people trick you. The only reason you hear people say that they stayed at McDonalds “for the people” it’s because that’s all that’s there. Trust me, there are very cool people at other jobs. Go ahead and try another one, it’s not like McDonald’s won’t hire you back in a second.

(How many times have they called me asking me to come back?) It makes me sick… I get shudders when I think about it. I’m never going back.


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  1. Reminds me of my old job at Sonic,but now I work for McD and I don't have it bad like you. Sorry.
  2. Ugh I use to work there. And I hated it. I can relate....especially drive thru which I hated!!!
  3. wow you poor fella i might be getting a temporary job there hope it isnt that bad!
  4. I want to kill whoever invented the 24 hour drive thru. I work drive thru most of the time, the beeping of the headset, fry beeps, chicken nugget beeps, being super nice and all that crap. I was employee of the month last month, and I can't control my excitment *cough*. They screw me out of breaks, days off and even have the balls to call me at 6 am on a weekday, when I have school, to see if I want to come in and work for the day. Hello, I am a student not slave to the mcdonalds machine. I show up on time at least, and whenever possible sneak out early and 'forget' to sign out. We have located every blind spot and connstantly steal food and occasionally give out loads of free food and pocket the cash people leave as 'tips for the charity box'(stealing is bad, people, but we're charity cases too.) We tell all the noobs about things like trash walks (were you pretend to have good work skills and take a garbadge bag and walk around outside and do nothing for 20 minutes. We all know who the good managers are that are around are age and we slack off like mad and steal drinks and mouth off to snotty costumer. Since I am one of the so called 'good ones' and I can basically slack off and ignore managers becasue they know when it gets busy I will do my job well. I am currently looking for new work at a place willing to pay me minimum wage instead of student wage with the 15 cent raises tacked on to it. The other people that work there (the crew) are great. If we get the right bunch we bet on costumers and play hide and go seek and other crack-pot ideas. Did you know your average teenage guy can hid inside two empty Mcdonalds fry boxes in the freezer for about 10 minutes. Oh, and the managment has no compassion. I broke my arm about 3 months ago about 3 hours before a shift becasue I can't snowboard at all. So as I was walking to the hospital, thats right walked becasue I live in a small city and our ski hill isn't commercial or anything so there are no phones to call an ambulance, plus I don't own a cell neither did the guy I went with, so after walking for about 45 minutes to get to a house to call the hospital. We got to the hospital and after waiting about 2 hours for medical attention and calling my parents and such it was way past my shift starting point. Like I was going to work that day or the next for a while anyway. They call my house like 8 times to find out why i'm not there, to yell at me and such. So I call them back, and they yell and threaten me with suspension, I slowly add that I had to go to the hospital for a broken arm. They basically leave it at that and tell me to be early for my shift the next day, I was thinking screw you, i'm not comming in tomorrow, so I call in sick for a week. It might have been really bias on my part but WTF McDonalds sucks, don't work there and people stop eating there. And one last thing, really, really fat people get out of your cars and walk inside instead of ordering through drive thru, get the little bit of excercise you need it.

    I think I am done know. Prolly full of spelling mistakes but I don't care, I have to work tonight.
  5. I work at a McDonalds in Australia and I really hate working with people like you. Just because you think you are all that, does not mean you can lord it over everyone else! Just to let you know, a lot of people probably feel the same way as I but do not want to say anything because that is the status quo!