Nursing is for idiots

I am in nursing school right now and I am about to graduate. My mother keeps pushing me saying “you have to finish you have to do this”…I keep telling her how fucking horrible it is and she never listens to me and just tells me to stop complaining. Seriously, it is unrewarding and discusting. The nurses “eat thier own” and are very jealous and nasty towards you. Nobody (except one really cool preceptor) wants to teach you anything and throws you out there to figure it out on your own, but then they expect you to not make any mistakes. It is a lot of bitch work and you have no freedom or any creativity about your job. You strickly follow someone elses idea of a “protocol” You have to adhere to strict standards and my god u even have to take the time to chart what the patient is doing or what part of a meal they eat….who cares?? I am 7 weeks away from gruaduating and I don’t want to do this…but the screwed up thing is i have a 3.8 GPA before coming into nursing school and now its down to like a 2.8 and is dropping every minute. Now I am really screwed and can’t get into any other (competitive) program with that. Ughhh if i only didnt accept that nursing school offer i would be much happier. I am going to find a job where I can use my own creativity (at least a little bit!) and not have to follow a doctors order.