Boy How Time Flies……mdonalds assistant manager

I am currently the 1st. Assistant Manager at my McDonalds store in Allentown, PA. I started out working for a McDonalds in my hometown of Scranton, PA at the age of 14. I was in the 9th grade. I was so excited to have a job that would give me something new to do and some fun. I moved back to Allentown when i was 16, and started back up at my current store. I have been working for McDonalds for 7 years now. when i turned 18, i became a crew chief. Then later on in that year, i went from Manager trainee to Swing Manager. when i turned 19, i became the 2nd. Asst. Manager. And now two days ago, i just recieved my most recent promotion ot 1st. Asst. Manager. Now it hasn’t always been peachy. I sometimes hated my job as a crew person, and then even later on as a swing manager. But my family, especially my mom and grandma, kept pushing me to move forward and to do my best. It’s very stressful sometimes dealing with customers and their attitudes and problems. But i just look at it as another day, another thing to do. I absolutely love my job. In fact, i went from having a job to having a career. I think so highly of my boss, our store manager. He was the one who personally trained me to be a manager. I look at myself as his protoge. I am very grateful to be under his leadership. In the next five years, i plan on still working at my store in my position, and learning as much as i can. In thirty years, i hope to own a couple McDonalds stores myself actually. It could happen.