nursing sucks…..LPN

i became an LPN 12 yrs ago. the factory i worked in had a massive layoff shortly before it shut it’s doors for good. my job no longer existed. i had an offer to be retrained as an LPN for free. having kids to support i jumped at the chance. at the time i thought thank God- no more layoffs & a decent paycheck. how lucky can i get. what a freakin nightmare it’s been. i have encountered real psychopaths ,bipolars, lazy asses, troublemongers, hateful, spiteful,control freak, 2faced backbiting bitches in numbers that before nusing i never would have imagined was possible. thats not the patients–thats the staff. the nurses.

my first lpn job, i have to say, was a good experience. at the time i needed a full time job though & i fugured there would be about a 10 year wait for full time there. so i did some home care to supplement. then went to work in a major area hosp., then back to home care, & then to the hellhole i currently work in. it would truly terrify people if they knew what really goes on in those places. in the hosp. i worked mostly eve. shift. there was a nightshift nurse that i dreaded to see come on duty. when i knew she was there i had to constantly check my patients. if i unhooked an IV she would go behind me & screw it back onto the pt., or roll a tubefeeder down flat, or anything else dangerous she could think of to do. a friend of mine that had worked on that same unit had started crying when she found out i was going to work there. the bottom line was that hosp took their own students first. if there werent enough of them they hired outsiders. when they had another class graduate they had to make jobs for them so they never did anything about the psycho nurse on that unit because it worked for them. people either quit or got fired. where i work now its bad too. the nurse manager on my unit, an RN, didnt have the slightest clue waht i was talking about when i told her that one of the residents we’d just gotten had no order for the foley cath. that was in him, no order to have it, what size, how many cc in the balloon, none to change or irrigate it or anything. shes been an RN for ten years. shes been running the unit for 3 yrs. the P.A. takes care of a high INR by dc the coumadin for 3 days & then resarting on the exact same dose over & over again. on the unit i work on there are 34 residents & 1 lpn. we take off all the orders, do all the pri’s , I&O’s, all the charting, all the paperwork for labs & xrays, VS’s, drsgs, enemas, FS’s, everything to do with the physisians updates, skin assessments, ppd’s. everything. the n.m. says she has no time cause she has to do MDS’s. that bullcrap. all she does for that is click in something on the computer on them once in a blue moon if there has been a drastic change. the unit secretary handles appts. & transportation, etc.. on the unit we have cath.’s, ESRD, lots of diabeticsm most of which get qid FS’s, some qd wts., over 52 cards of narcs., which by the way are mostly tid & prn for each one. the meds are extemely heavy. if you know the resients you can start the 0800 med run at 0730 & finish by 1030 or 1100 if nothing happens along the way. say for example if once again the 89 year old diaysis pt. doesnt decide to yank out her permacath again. if something happens like that you have to have a cna apply the pressure while you have another one call a the supervisor, while you make copies from the chart & fill out the paperwork, & explain to the super.

why they have to call 911 with sirens. then get back to the pt. wait for emts answer their questions, call the family, & chart on it, then try to finish the med run. not to mention our NM has the MD come for his rounds on saturdays so she doesnt have to do that either. rarely do any of the orders we take off get a second check let alone a third check. i had on RN take revenge on me because i embarrassed her accidentally. i am vent. certified & have done quite a bit of that in homecare. we had to demostrate how to do an emergency trache insertion. i thought she was asking me things to find out my knowledge then she had to do it and didnt know how. she hated me ever since. how was i supposed to know she hadnt even seen it done before. then she got to do my CPR recert. she kept me there for 3 hrs drilling me over & over with every possible thing she could think of & i coulnt do a thing about it. she got so weird about it & started throwing things at me so fast she started really screwing up & saying stuff like ” and now he’s breathing but has no pulse.”

i hate my job so much. if i could think of another way to make a living i would. but i’m 50 now. & too burnt out to go back to school & invest that time, energy, & money. some of the residents families are crazy as bedbugs too & the MD’s & administration caters to their every whim just so they dont have to deal with it. where i work that means shoving it off onto the lpn’s. a couple weeks ago i said to the NM why dont we just give each family member a script pad & let them write their own orders. if they say they want their fam member on this drug or that drug it gets ordered for them anyway. if they want a surgery done they tell the dr’s & it will get done. our control freak NM got mad cause her cheating husband called & said he wasnt going home again that night so she went after one of the LPN’s & got her fired. & she is trying for dear life to get her nursing licensed yanked. there are a lot of sicko nurses working in the field & the administrators seem to love it. when the state comes in though, there are people coming out of the woodwork so it looks like there is a staff member on the unit for about every 3 residents. yup for one week out of the year its like you are standing around with nothing to do when the state is there. can you tell it’s the first time i’ve been able to vent to anyone who knows what i’m talking about? & i’m not really done. i’m just stopping before i get thrown out of here for going on & on.