Warehouse Worker Woes…..Warehouse Jobs

I once worked the night shift at a wholesale drug warehouse job as I was out of money for college. Taking a semester off was actually a nice break although I missed looking at chicks and the freedom of being unemployed with money to burn.

I was at first an order selector but was noticed by the dock supervisor as someone he needed in his neck of the woods. Eventually I was sent to the dock to load trucks all night. Working with some unsavory types I tell you! One guy carried a handgun to work with him as some bounty hunters were after his ass or something. The man was really a pig. He actually sweated all the time despite the cool nights on the dock. He had no teeth and watching him suck down his lunch was, well… another story. But anyways there were some fair looking lasses there and I was propositioned twice although I valued my non-std status.

Worst part of this warehouse job was the constant and incessant noise from the conveyor system that brought back totes filled with picked orders. We had to seal up the totes, load them and after 8 to 10 hours of it you went home with the worst headache imaginable. I’d lay in bed trying to sleep hearing that dreaded sound reverberate through my psyche.

My body ached so bad from the repetitive lifting of this warehouse job I’d soak in the tub an hour taking some pain killers to wart off the hurties. One time driving a forklift I was placing a load in a trailor and the entire trailor took off from the dock! Nearly drove over the edge- I had to bail out of the thing. Lots of dangers in this job.

Anyway, working nights with this warehouse job motivated me to save my ass off so I could get out of there