Dream job…almost….HP to technology startup job

On my last day of classes, 3 days before commencement for my B.S. in C.S., I was called by HP, they had a position they wanted me to fill. I had many friends that worked there which led to the call. The irony is it was just about the last place I wanted to work. The corporate environment severely turns me off, but the pay at HP job would be fairly high. I happend to have 3.5 years of on the HP job experience at my time of graduation. So bit the HP job offer and started the interview/hiring process. Somewhere along the way they screwed up and ‘lost’ my paperwork?

I had been out of school around a month by then and they told me to start the process over. By then I had enough to think about what I was doing and decided to bag HP. I ended up being out of work for 4 months after school. My previos job was an internship, therefore it ended the day I finished classes.

Just I was running out money I got a call from a guy I did some light contract work for the previous year. He needed some specialized work done that I just happend to be learning at the time. He offered my a full time job making pennies, around minimum wage, to do some serious embedded programming for a piece of hardware he invented. I took the job. It’s just my boss and I. I barely make enough money to survive, work my ass off, make my own hours, work on cool shit, live and work in a downtown area minutes from each other, and love it. If the product is successful I’ll be rich. Otherwise I’m out on my ass, but with marketable experience and some serious connections. I held out for what I wanted and was lucky enough to land it.