McDonald’s menu isn’t so bad……mcworker

Okay. I have a McJob. Isn’t that now in the dictionary?

Anyways, I started in September after putting out many applications over the summer (this is my fist “official” job). I was really excited to start! Finally, I would be getting paid, and my mom could stop harassing me to get a job!

The first day was hectic, I was stuck on fried (it was a Friday, heh). I thought I would never get anything, especially on cash. There was so much to remember! But my trainer was super nice, and patient, and told me everything I needed to know.

Okay, so most people rap on their managers and their store conditions. First, there’s only one manager at my store who’s a loser, and yeah, he friggin’ picks you out, like by asking “how’s lobby?” (I.e. go clean it). Why don’t you ask that immigrant co-op kid who’s been cleaning it the whole day you asshole! Other than that retard, all the managers are dolls. Most of them are young, like in university and stuff, but I always find them very responsible and fair. Plus, they always let us eat the food free (don’t try that around the head managers!). The crew rocks, everyone is friendly, and since its mostly girls, the environment is upbeat, and we can chit-chat all the time when it’s dead.

We have a “clean-as-you-go” policy, so if someone drops something, that person will go clean it up right away. Or you wipe the counters after you finish serving the customer. We have charts designated to how often the bathrooms get cleaned and stuff (every 15 minutes), and since I am meticulous, I will make sure everything I touch is perfect when I clean it.

So the mcdonalds menu food isn’t THAT healthy for you? Whatever! I’ve NEVER EVER seen ANYONE put stuff into mcdonalds menu food!! For Christ sakes the customers have a clear view into the back, they would see if shit was happening that shouldn’t be. Not to mention there’s security cameras everywhere that get shipped to Head office.

Honestly It’s a good job. A little too fast paced and stressful when 20 people decide to walk in at once, or you have 15 cars lined up in drive thru. I say get insider information if you want to work anywhere. It’s not the company that can make a workplace bad, it’s the people who run that store. Sure, there’s McD’s around the city that suck ass because the managers don’t do shit, but then, there’s managers that don’t do shit no matter where you work. It’s too much of a generalized statement to say that it only is like that at McDonald’s.

I live in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, so maybe the conditions up here are much nicer and better than in the US or other places. It’s certainly a friendly and open environment.

Besides, who DOESN’T want to laugh at the obese people who order a double big mac meal, large size, with 20 nuggets on the side, an extra sandwich, for here, with…. diet coke. COME ON PEOPLE!!!