at retails jobs, an hourly raise is not a raise….retail job

I have worked in Retail jobs and when you get an hourly raise, your hours will be cut. This is happening in many places throughout the country, so don’t be fooled or thrilled that you got an hourly pay raise. Also, if there is another person who will do the same retail job you are doing for less money, you may be coerced into quitting.

Let’s say you start a retail job at $6.00 per hour and work 30 hours a week – That’s $180.00. You get a raise of 50 cents per hour in a few months, then your hourly pay is $6.50 per hour. But then you’re only working 25 hours a week, and that comes to $162.50. You lost 17.50 per week because your hours were cut by 5.
So where are you ahead with an hourly raise?

The next time I look for a retail job, I will ask the interviewer if I forgo an hourly pay raise, will I still maintain the same hours with no cut in hours?