What is wrong with the American Mcdonald’s’?

I started working at McDonald’s when I was 15, I’ve gone from crew trainer to Team Co-ordinator and now I’m a swing manager. I honestly love my job and it sounds as though we’re not even part of the same business listening to you other people’s stories!

My store has excellent drive-thru times, and the crew are even motivated to do the best they can. At my store everyone has a smile on their face and loves coming to work! Of course there are the downfalls for some people who get harassed for being slow, but come on if you can’t speed it up after 6 months of doing the same thing what the hell is wrong with you?

We don’t use food that has been sitting there forever! That’s what those little timers on the UHC cabinets are for, doesn’t anybody in the states use those?

The canadian McDonald’s and the American are two different companies. My boss and I took a trip over to the States to go shopping and thought we’d stop in at a McDonald’s over there to check it out…No one was smiling. Not the managers, not the crew, not the customers. We ordered our food and the crew brought it to us and said ” Here’s your food.” At my store (all the while smiling) we would have said “Here you go, you’re all set have a great day!” But no there was none of that.

One more point to make, don’t work for a franhise! The owners are always in it for the money and they really don’t care…almost every store in canada is company owned and we are getting rid of the franchises because it was a mistake to have them. We’ve gotten rid of 65% of our franchises in Canada alone this past year. It’s for the better.

Also anyone who is a manager, give the crew a break, stop ego tripping, teach them the right way to do things when they’re doing it wrong and what the hell is with all this talk about drugs at work? Anyone even suspected of being stoned from just weed at my work is sent home immediately!

All I have to say is American McDonald’s, shape up and use your heads… oh and smiling couldn’t hurt either.