Nursing Student……Hate being an ER tech

I am currently a nursing student in one of the best nursing schools in my area. I will graduate from school in May 2006. I recently accepted a job as a Nursing Tech in the ER and have begun to ask myself the question “Have I made a mistake being an ER Tech?”

I decided to leave my job of ten years and go into nursing because it had always been a dream of mine and I felt now was the time to do it. I worked at a very busy, fast paced company where I was successful. Just burned out. I handled irate customers on a daily basis and 99.5% of the time managed to smooth them over. I was a the go to person if anyone in my department had a question. And I hope I never made any of them feel the way I am sometimes made to feel. I thought after working in that environment for ten years I could handle anything.

When I first accepted the position in the ER as an ER tech, I loved it. I loved the experience I was gaining. However, after three weeks, I was expected to KNOW everything. I admit that I am green to medicine. I haven’t even had my critical care rotation yet and they expected me to know what to do in every situation.

There are nursing there who treat me like I am an idiot. I have a BA and graduated with that in just three years with a 3.65 GPA and carry about the same GPA in nursing school I am not an idiot. I have a lot to learn and I thought the ER tech job would be a good place to learn it.

I am a very sensitive and carrying person. I love people and love to build relationships with people. The patients are wonderful. Yes, even the drunk ones who would be better served by sleeping it off at home. I don’t mind them. I actually care for them and wish there was a way I could make a difference. However, I have come to see in the ER as an ER tech I cannot make a difference. You certainly don’t have time to build a Rapport with a patient and when you do, you get talked down to for not changing the linens in an empty room quick enough. Why can’t a nurse take care of that. And God forbid if you make a mistake or misunderstand someone.

I feel as if a lot of the people who work there forget what it was like to be new to something. I am sure they did not always know what to do in every situation. I cry everyday I have to go to work. I cry because nursing is a career chose for me and I wonder if it is the right chose. I often ask myself, is it nursing I hate? Being in the ER? Or Tech work?

I really do not think it is nursing. I love the patients. In my clinical rotations I provide the best care to all my patients. My instructors always give me exceptional evaluations. I don’t even mind giving bed baths or having to wipe bottoms. Maybe I am just not cut out for the ER tech job. I do not feel appreciated.

Maybe I am at a different point in my life. Maybe it is the fast paced environment that burned me out from my last job. My children are my priority now. I am not going to give up on nursing. There has to be a job out there for me.

I hope when I am a RN that I never treat the techs the way the doctors and nurses treat me. Even the techs with more experience talk down to me. I live by the philosophy treat others how you would want them to treat you. I have to pray to GOD everyday for strenght the make it through another day at the ER. I am counting the days until I can leave.