regretting my mcdonalds job application… job

I’ve only ever worked at McDonald’s. I filled out my mcdonalds job application in July 2000. In high school, I needed some source of money to hope to pay for college and a car, since I wasn’t going to get any scholarships. I took it since it was close to home, didn’t take too much mental labor, and there were a wide variety of people there. I am now in college and still working under the golden arches. Mcdonald’s has quite literally take over every part of my life. Work schedules and class schedules are often so close that I’m often forced to wear my uniform to class. I return home smelling of greasy. My crew shoes are so nasty with grease that a very thick track of dirt has developed from the garage door to my bedroom. I have no ambition to fill out another mcdonalds job application to go into management since they have more responsibility, not much better pay, a couple extra benefits, and extremely unpredictible scheduling, with no option to call off without serious consequences. I can’t leave, though, since their scheduling for employees is so flexible. It isn’t enough to survive on, so I still live with my parents, but it’s enough to pay for college, my car, cell phone, and other essentials. To further demonstrate how much it’s intigrated into my life, I have written about 5 papers in high school and college all relating to my mcdonalds job application in some way.

There are also some days when all I eat is McDonald’s. I hope the future will be lighter for me, though it likely won’t since my major is Middle School Education. I heard once that a teacher filled out a mcdonalds job application to become a McDonald’s manager because it paid more. Things are looking to bright for me. Oh well.