Nursing is the worst career in the world…..air force to male nurse

Before I was a nurse I was in the Air Force. I did it for 20 years. After I left my Air FOrce career I felt like I wanted to help people.I was a highly trained Air Force Operations guy. I figured I was in wars, had done alot of stressful shit in my day. A real mans man. Now I feel like I am a beat down old used up worthless human.

Let me tell you my story and if you cant see my point then you are surely blind or are not a nurse. Well, one day I was in the Air Force. Wearing a flight suite. Getting laid. taveling the world. Basically, getting treated like royalty because I was an aviator. Well, I retire and go to the VA to apply for educational benefits. I have no formal training that can be transferred to civilian life. I have a wife to support. So I go talk to the VA guy. He makes me take this battery of tests. The next thing I know he says. Have you ever thought about nursing? I think to myself. HMMMM. Is this guy serious? So i take some pamphlets for the local college. I apply and get accepted. I have the GI bill it pays for nearly all my classes. THings are pretty good. I like the University classes and the atmosphere of a big campus. I struggled through the science classes I have to get tutors and study sometimes 16 hoursa day but i get through.

Finally, clinicals come. Im happier than a clam. FInally I see the light at the end of the tunnel. I do great in most of my clinicals. I love my instructors and they love me. Then its time for peds. I here the other students talking. You know, “WHatever you do, dont take proffesor so and so because she is harsh or doesnt understand…..” I am like, heck. Im a hard worker and can handle it. SO I pick this rotation with this proffesor with a bad reputation. She is known to send home students for showing up late for clinicals. Also, she is known for being a bra burning man hater. But I have had her in lecture and she seems easy to get along with. SO i decide that I can handle it.

ANyway, clinical goes good for the first week. Then she overhears me talking to some of my female classmates. We are all good buddies. I am joking in the Student Union with some female clssmates. We did get a little “off color”. But we were buds. Anyway, things go shitty. She pulls me aside and tells me thatshe doesnt like the way I was talking to the female students. I was receptive and told her that I would watch it in the future. I was given the most difficult patients in the fricking hospital. I was beaten down and scrutinized way beyond what the other female students were. So i dropped the class and retook. The warning signs should have gone up then but they didnt.

I figured this was just a bad experience. ANyway, I have no further trouble making it through. The rest of the instructors were kool. But I look back now to the sights and sounds of the floors during my clinicals. THey were all short on staff. Most of the nurses were the walking dead. They were working 12s or more. SOme with no weekends off. “Mandatory overtime” I saw this one nurse go ballistic on the floor and just stand up and scream and then just break down and cry. She had her head in her hands. “I cant take this anymore.” She was prostrate. Crying sobbing. My instructor was standing with all of our little student nurses. I said, “Why dont you go over and talk to her.” She said, “THat nurse is a discipline problem. Im going to make sure she is gone by the end of the day.”

She went to the nearest phone and called the Nurse Administrator. THe nurse admin came down and sternly said, “go to your locker and get your stuff. Ill get your time card. I want you out of this building now.” No one acknowledged her, No one put a hand on this poor womens shoulder. She couldnt have been over 35 but she looked like she was 100. Where was the compassion for our own here? Anyway, this should have awoken me to this hell. BUt is didnt. So I graduate and think hmmmmmm. I will try circulating. Those ORs are like assembly lines. Backstabbing, backbiting. Hate. No compassion to the staff. No understanding that we are not robots. I get burned out and try another line of nursing. Still, they hate eachother. I tried several times to get the nuses together for a beer or to shoot pool. But we are so damned tired. I mean BONE NUMBInG EMOTIONALY DEAD TIRED. No one wants to. BEsides, Ive seen the females set there and backstabeach other. whispering to each other at the charting station. “That Bitch. She thinks she is so damned hot…etc etc etc. Then the next minute they are with the “bitch” and talking about their husbands and giggling. I pissed off my supervisor one day for losing my tempor.

I quit. Now I am just fed up. I have no idea what the future holds for me. I was a nurse for 4 years. I dont want anything to do with it anymore. What is all this crap about it being a proffesion. Heck, we get trated like meat. I worked in a hospital that wouldnt give staff nurses raises unless they took classes, or did some other “self improvement” BS. We couldnt because we were so damned tired and we had families who needed us. They wouldnt give us a raise. Nurses were quitting left and right because of this but they would pay all of these travelors nearly double our saleries plus room and board. I never understood this. On some days there were 50% travelors. Hell, Id rather suck shit through a straw then be a nurse.