Winpine inc. sucks a fat one!….subway general manager

When I move to waynesboro virginia from illinois, i had a hard time getting a job. then out of nowhere, i get a call from subway. they hired me to be a subway general manager.

i loved my job as a subway general manager and wouldn’t trade it for the world. the people i work with are truly magnificent. i was there for a year and the owner told me he was selling his subway franchise. i was very upset because this now means i have to work for someone else.

i was hired on by the new owners(winpine inc.) In turn they brought their own subway manager and kept me too. this did not work at all. we did not get along. and in the end the new subway manager becca burned me.

so i quit. i loved my job. but it just goes to show that even when you work hard and make good changes, it is not appreciated!!! Winpine inc. is not a good place to work.