Unit Secretary

I process paperwork for admits, transfers and discharges for our unit as the unit secretary. Before this job I was a purchasing agent for a franchise corporation. I was rehired since I’d worked here before back in 1990.

For the most part I like my unit secretary job but it’s not the career that I want (screenwriter) but I can do it and get paid reasonably well without it utilizing the resource I use on off hours to work at getting a job in the field I really want to be in. I like working with the nurses and the doctors. I’m really good at providing administrative support. I don’t feel like my co-workers are as dedicated to their jobs as I am so alot of the time I feel like I’m picking up their slack. I only think of quitting my unit secretary job when I wake up in the morning and I have to do the old rigamaroll-take a shower, get dressed, get my daughter dressed, put my lunch together, iron my clothes, drop off my daughter at daycare, the parking fiasco on campus and having to WALK ALL THE WAY UP TO THE UNIT to clock in. And the fact that I get paid what they think I’m worth and my schedule is dependent on the hours they want me to work, not the hours I can work or when it’s convenient for me to work.

I’ve enrolled in a medical transcription course so that I can do medical transcription from home so I’m hoping that after about six months I’ll complete all the courses and be able to start my own company/business to supplement my unit secretay pay. I’d like to have that as a BACK UP BUSINESS to my screenwriting aspirations since everyone I’ve talked to (accomplished writers) talk alot about how the industry and the job itself is always in a state of flux. Because I have a daughter I need more consistency. I’ve also become interested in computer programming because I see that there is a huge deficit in the systems that are used to manage patient care and measure the budgets that directly affect how patient care is impacted by short staffing and also a lack of sufficient support staff.

I really like my boss so it kind of pulls at me that I’m going to be moving on because I know she appreciates the unit secretary work I do and relies on me for alot of things. Currently I live in Denver but I’m going to be moving to Las Vegas at the end of June.