Electrician job, too much couch time

This is a job from hell, after becoming a electrician journeyman the work slows down, you find that most of the work is brain dead pipe running that monkeys could do,

your lucky if you get even 6 months a year of work, alot of the people you work with are basically bums fooling themselves into thinking they are doing something with their lives, 30 lbs of tools hanging off your hips and climbing ladders all day gets old real quick

you have nasty electricians farting around you all the time from the 12 pack they drank the nite before, people rip off your tools and backstab you if the layoff rumours start

with an electrician job you are always wondering where the next gig is coming from, I dont think of myself as an electrician anymore because it seems Im always at home, I guess my new job is homemaker and child rearer, its more rewarding to me anyway.