love most of the patients….LPN nurse

I am a lpn nurse, in a hosp. Before nursing I was in a bank job.

I am in nursing now 35 years. I continue it cause one i care for the patients and also I dont have experience in anything else.

The bank was so many years ago, things have really changed. Some days I am happy, knowing I made a difference in someones life, and other days i wonder why I go in. I do not enjoy doing meds.

I like hands on with the patients. The part that bothers me is some of my co workers and their attitudes, and management. I have thought of quitting so many times and yet I hang in here. Some days I do feel I have accomplished alot, and other days its like Im going in circles.

If I could do it all over again though I would have listened to my folks and chose another career.As for my boss, she is not a great boss. She has no people skills. In 5 years I hope to be retired and takeing it easy.