Supermarket job….cleaning shelves.

There was a supermarket and like, I went around to get a supermarket job and they give you this mental arithmetic tests to see if you can work on the tils and I failed so I couldn’t work on the tils. I obviously made a good impression on the man in charge there because he found me a job as a shelf edge cleaner. That was it…I would clean the edges of shelves. I was basically general dogsbody and if they needed a bit of help stacking, I would stack. I was basically a dogsbody and it was well funny. Anyone had shit to do, I would do it.

I was obviously very good. I must have been good. Some woman wrote in and actually thanked me for something I did for her. I found her some chilis…I took them off the top shelf and handed them to her and she thought this was wonderful service so she wrote thanking the manager. I didn’t get a raise though.

I didn’t like it…it was ok, good fun but that was about the limit on it. The people you worked with were good but the actual job was shit. Have you ever tried cleaning shelves where oils are on? It’s impossible. Cleaning oil off shelves is just very difficult, I found that out. I didn’t have any special chemicals or anything…I just had soapy water and its impossible. I just ran around with a bucket of water and things and I was probably really unusual in the shop, squeezing this bucket of water.

It was a shit job…I quit to go back to school. It took up too much time. Didn’t give me time to do much else.

In 5 years, I wanted to be a pilot…

In 30 years, I don’t think about that….it’s impossible, stupid. Maybe a dead pilot.