Future of nursing!!!

I am a RN and I am burned out like a lot of nurses my age. We go into this field as good people and expect good treatment. But HELL NO, we get treated like morons in school that every test will get us kicked out of the nursing class.This lasts the entire time you are in school. The teachers have MSN degrees but have they ever worked as nurses HELL NO.
Patients have broken my bones, spit on me, pissed and crapped on me and ‘dorky dorky dorky” I kept going back. Until I was hurt so badly I couldn’t lift anylonger and a nurse that can’t lift is not wanted.
So, my proposal for the future is to take prison inmates that volunteer and LOBOTOMIZE THEM and train them to be nurses for the rest of their lives. and they can be available 24/7 in case of mandated overtime.
This idea came to me because there will eventually be no one who will become nurses except those who have no choice like life term prisoners.