Laser nurses for cosmetic surgery….occupational danger

The doctors have the nurses do most of the laser treatments because they don’t want to expose themselves to the laser radiation. Lets see how wonderful nurses feel about being a laser hair removal nurse or performing laser IPL procedures, after 10 years of laser radiation exposer.

My face was cooked by performing laser procedures to enhance the beauty of clients. I never used the laser on myself. It was from just being exposed to the laser while treating patients all day. I was well trained and well fooled. They never mentioned the occupational hazards to nurses performing these treatments all day, day in and day out.

The whole laser thing is a hoax to make money. I know first hand and have the proof of clients and other nurses to prove it. I only did it for 2 mths and now I’m not sure if my face will recover. I have heard other nurses say their eyes are blurry and they are also fearful of what could happen latter on because of the exposer to lasers. Nurses.

Don’t think its a glamorous job being a laser nurse in cosmetic medicine. Its just a sweat shop atmosphere, and you are a ginny pig. If you don’t believe me. Lets see in 5 or 10 years from now. You could be blind and who knows what your skin hair and health be like from laser exposure. I do not recommend this specialty in nursing. Its your life, though. Peace.