Being a cable guy sucks….Service Technician Level 2 Job

I am what the general public refers to as a “Cable Guy”. My actual title is “Service Technician Level 2″. Anyways, how would you like to wake up each day thinking it might be your last? Consider this: I work 90% aerially, with ladders on poles. My job is ranked as the 5th most dangerous in the world. I am as safe as I can be with my ladder, but some poles (especially in the winter and covered with ice) are downright dangerous. I only gaff when I have to (use metal spikes to climb poles), and that’s even scarier. It’s not really about being afraid of heights at this point, it’s all about trusting your equipment, which most of the time I don’t.

Let’s not forget about the unsanitary and unsafe conditions in peoples houses and crawl spaces. Sewer leak? You could of told me about that before I went under there? duh.

I don’t smoke, but with as much second hand Cigarette smoke I breath, I wouldn’t be surprised if I don’t get lung cancer.

Alot of the people I work with are intelligent, but most don’t seem to really understand technology, especially when it comes to computers. So I can’t really relate to them.

I also work an obscene amount of overtime. Somedays my idiot boss gives me 4 jobs, other days I get 50. I might get home at 5′o clock, I might get home at midnight. No real solidity there.

Don’t get me wrong, there are things I DO enjoy about the job (being out in the field, free cable, company vehicle, benefits), but risking my life everyday is getting so old.