software sucks….software engr job

Am a software engr for 10 months and I donno why. always interested in windows/unix troubleshooting, tweaking, hacking, networks, security and the related. but landed up a job in software programming becos of campus placements! Damn!!

The prospects of me growing and drawing bigger bucks would be here in this software though. Wish I could get a great, high paid job plus one that gives me ample growth and most important of all, knowledge.

Stuck here, donno wot to do. I sit in front of my computer every day to think “what the hell am i doing here?” and i go into an open eyed deep depression in front of the IDE.

Guess if i dont change my mind rite now, Im gonna be looking at meaningless pieces of code for the rest of my fckng career life.

In 5 years, Im hoping to be a highly paid network engr.

In 30 years, I’m hoping to be stinking rich