Mc nasty….hostile environment for a white man

I found your place of business nasty and your management made the work environment too hostel for a WHITE man. I put up with as much as I could from the nasty mouth teen “managers”.

I must admit I found comedy in some of the antics but make no mistake the impression will be lasting and I will no longer eat “fast food”. After seeing first hand just what goes on inside a McDonalds I become physically ill just thinking about what people are eating.

I have been by the store 3 separate times attempting to pick up the last check your company owes me, the first time I dropped off everything that was issued to me. I have contacted your payroll department 2 times and I will be the first to tell you I have been basically cussing the wall when it comes to dealing with your company.

This is my attempt to gather information for the third and final time. I need contact information so I can take you to court.
After speaking with (name deleted) about unpaid wedges I am ready to move to the next step. I am prepared to pay the $80.00 court fee to get what is rightfully mine X 3.

I never received my last check and almost a month has passed. There is no excuse for this action or lack of action on your part regardless of my attitude toward your nasty ass business.

I know I will have a hard time proving I worked for your company for 1 full week without the proper 1040 information being filed but there is no doubt I will be able to prove you have been holding my final check.
I need information regarding who is in charge regionally, physical address and store # and I would like a name of someone above the regional person to further discuss some of the actions the store manager took while I was employed.

Do NOT contact me by telephone regarding this or any other related matter, from this point forward. After you supply the needed information this matter will go to mediation.

forward this to payrol