IT Support = Easy work

After reading all of the McDonald’s/Nursing horror stories, I must say that my job is extremely easy. I do computer support for a large company in CA. I have been in the IT support field for about 5 years now. I can say it is the perfect job for a lazy person. I’m usually a half hour late to work, take a two hour lunch, then leave another half hour early. I support just over 900 people but manage to only get enough work to keep me occupied for half of the day. Would I ever quit? No. Would I ever get fired? No. My job is a necessary evil. Does this job give me a sense of accomplishment? Of course, I’ve beat several challanging video games. Can you say you got over 15 million on Microsoft Pinball?

I can see myself doing the exact same thing in 5 years. 30 years is hard to say. I have no plans on moving to India.