Yet Another Nasty McDonalds..

I am a crew-member at the McDonald’s Restaurant in Petersburg, West Virginia. And my story here is very similiar to others I have read. The filth, the stupid managers, the rude-ass customers, etc all reign supreme here. A typical day goes like this. I clock in, am told to work DT3(drive thru 3). I go to my spot, where I am tossed all the food that needs sent out the window. All the while a manager standing there yelling”Serve The Order Out!” many times serving it before I receive the food. Then they wonder why the orders end up going to the wrong cars. AND I GET YELLED AT FOR IT! and most days our DT is wrapped clear around the building to the road with cars. And after getting everyone cleared out, God forbid you take a couple minute break. About the time you do, someone says”Why Are You Standing Around?” all the while the little “lobby” person is free to fuck around the place as he/she feels fit. And the meal discounts.. Why should a manager who makes more money than the rest of the workers eat free? We should have it free, instead of the stupid %50 discount. And then there is the poor damn souls that live and breath the place. I mean come on, how can you feel good about working there? I really hate the company, what it stands for and our franchise owners. I am only here until I find something close to home to do for work. Living here in the country leaves few work options. But my New Year’s resolution is to have a new job that doesnt say” You want cheese on that?”