A Career Where I Can Invest In Myself

I have been a Mary Kay beauty consultant since February, 2001. At the time the opportunity was offered to me, I had just given birth to our youngest son, my husband had lost his 70,000 a year job and was selling water treatment systems to make some kind of money and we were living on state aid and the pennies we had saved up for a family vacation some time in the future. My husband had given a water demonstration at the home of a beauty consultant. When he came home, he had made his first sale and brought me home a bag of Mary Kay samples. She called me the next day and spoke of the Mary Kay opportunity. Now, I LOVE makeup and I thought “What could be better than playing with make up all day?” I joined without a second thought. But, Mary Kay is about more than lipstick. The more I learned about Mary Kay the classier I felt. I felt that this was a way to make more of myself. I am naturally shy and had very low self esteem. Although I never did much with my Mary Kay business at the time (I was mostly hindered by fear of putting myself out there in front of others) I realize that I made more of an investment in me. It gave me a way to make a name for myself when I was ready, to create an income if I so chose to make one. I would never be without the bare necessities of life again. I can say that I have as much enthusiasm now for my Mary Kay business that I had the day I began. I can’t say that for any corporate job I’ve ever had after 3 years. I thank God everyday for the women who offered me the Mary Kay opportunity. Now, I look for people, who like me, just need someone to believe that they are more than their circumstances.