Boston local 103 IBEW the worst union

The Boston IBEW is NOT really a union -more like a pyramid scheme – have the apprentices enter into the school system and work much harder for much less pay. When they complete the training (JATC), they get laid off and end up in a less than honest referral system. If they refuse to “suck up” they’ll be there for ever – stuck on the “list”. Or they can travel for life on “the road.” Besides, you’re more likely to quit too…those members forfeit their pension credits. That is the idea, come in get deposits into the pension fund, then encourage them to drop out before they get vested. Some of these guys leave more than one hundred thousand dollars when the leave if they do not get vested that is.

But not me, I enjoy exposing them for what they are. Corrupt “career labor leaders.”

Real unions don’t force other members into pension breaks – while putting their family over to the Boston Globe & Harvard University maintenance department for life -even though they have very low IQs.

Also, real unions have strikes. What union has a 108 year history of never going on strike? None, actually. The Boston IBEW and NECA are just a corrupt synergy.

Voting is central to a democracy. If you can not vote, then society is more like an “order.” So look into the Boston IBEW and see how many of their leaders are either appointed (just think of Jane Swift), or self-appointed (like ML Carr). IN both cases, we got a sh*t deal.