Worst mistake of my life..becoming an RN.

I thought the biggest mistake of my life was when I broke up with this gorgeous 5′9 reddish-brown haired,sky-blue eyed ,perfect bodied(Breast,Ass & legs) Israeli girl. I was so freaking wrong. I am a male nurse that graduated about 14mths ago. Got my license, passed the first shot..thought that was a good sign(BullShit). I started my first job in a childrens hospital. I thought why not kids I love them just as much as the next person. I personally don’t have any, but I figured some day I will. What a fucking mistake. The unit I am in is considered by other nurses & floats the worst & most dreadfully hated unit in the hospital. When I started most people were friendly & curtious. Well after about a month or two that all became a thing of the past. I have been there for about a year now, & I hate it more than anything in the whole enitre world. I am made fun of, smirked & giggled at when I go by some nurses. I mean I work with some real low down bitches. It hurts working there…it hurts so much. Man I hate that place. The orientations they provide are a fucking joke. They basically tell you this is here. & that is there & BOOM you are on your own. Then they have the balls to say use your resources, but when you ask another nurse hey can you help me with this is or how do I do this..it’s shitsville for you. You have just voluntered yourself to be the idiot of the unit. I mean seriously they expect you to know everything about the dept. in a matter of a few weeks. Man I hate it so much, I literally cry when I have to go to work or when I know I have only one day before I go back to that fucking hole.(That’s what I call it…The Fucking Hole) I tell you I am nurse in unit with only one other nurse I really trust…and I tell yah. GOD bless this nurse. If it was’nt for this other nurse I would basically go fucking postal in that Dept. I fight everyday when I work there to keep my sanity & try not to fall on my knee in tears. I pray everyday to God to give me strength to survive one more day..one more day. Again I have been a nurse for only one year…& hate it already. I am hoping that something comes up soon & I can find something else in nursing that would help revitalize my life in this profession, I so dreadfully despise right now.