Liquor STore CLerk

I work as a clerk/cashier in a state liquor store. The place makes me think I am working in the state prison system. It’s a rough crowd. All the managers want at least one victim to boss around. All the other employees want a victim too, just to make damn sure THEY are not the victim. Why it’s like this I don’t know. I guess being a sadist or a bully is a requirement to becoming a manager there.

I saw I was becoming the “victim” in the first store, and transferred to a second store, where I was OK for a while, then started to become “the victim” there, so I transferred to a third store where there are only two employees, and if the other employeee tries to make me a victim, he or she will regeret it, get my drift? It’s one on one, mano a mano.

In each store there is a “legend” of a certain former employee who quit or was fired, who was supposedly such a loser, complainer, etc, but in reality was just the latest store “victim”.

At my second store, I told the manager that I thought she needed a “victim”, and that I did not want to be it. That didn’t change things, so I transferred. Sure enough, after I left, a different employee started to get abused by her, someone she had previuosly left alone. She had chosen a new victim.

The state store system will abuse you if you think you can “trust” your managers to take care of you, and actually “manage”. This is the most non-managed place I have ever worked in. I have had to “stand up for myself” i.e., disobey orders, repeatedly. Translation : I have had to tell off my managers / coworkers in ways that could get me FIRED, just to stop from getting treated unfairly. You have to risk getting fired just to get treated fairly, unless you have connections.
This is probably the next place where workers will “go postal”.