sick of teaching dummies all day….A High School Math Teacher

Last Wednesday I finished my master’s degree in math education and I hate my job.

I’ll explain. I’ve been teaching unofficially for 5 years in public school. I earned my BA in music education and taught for a little over half a year before I couldn’t stand it anymore. I don’t want to go into too much detail about that since it’s not the main topic of this test, but I’ll say this: A beginning band student wanted to play trumpet, and he waited to decide this until AFTER I had already issued the trumpets that the school owned. I suggested another instrument or he’d have to rent from an outside music vendor. That’s when the cry of “I’m poor” came out from the parents. Mind you, this school was not in a low socio-economic area or anything. Anyway, my assistant principal told me that it was my responsibility to find a way for the student to participatate, perhaps he could finger along on a pencil for a grade.

So halfway through the year I quit and went to work a CompUSA. That was ok for a little bit, but have no insurance and having to convince people that they needed to buy power cleans for their computers (meaing we blow the dust out for 10$) was kind of a drag.

Anyway, I went back into teaching and taght 8th grade reading for a year. During that time I picked up some study tools to take the math subject area cetification exam (I’d gone through differential calculus in high school, so it was no big). Now I’m in my third year teaching math. So far I’ve spend three years teach algebra 1 to the dumbet of the dumb and the lamest of the lame. I tutor algebra 2 and precalculus after school, but I don’t get to teach it at all during the day. They just hired a bunch of new teachers this year, guess what, they all have algebra 2 classes. I told my boss that I was unhappy with my teaching assignment at the beginning of the school year and he blew me off. My assistant principal raves about how good I am at engaging and instructing the low level kids, but then I get criticized when a ton of them fail. Look, they’re just plain dumb and/or lazy, what am I supposed to do about that. I’m sick of teaching dummies all day. I could go on and on at this point, but I’m getting angry and depressed, so I’ll just stop