sick of teaching dummies all day….A High School Math Teacher

Last Wednesday I finished my master’s degree in math education and I hate my job.

I’ll explain. I’ve been teaching unofficially for 5 years in public school. I earned my BA in music education and taught for a little over half a year before I couldn’t stand it anymore. I don’t want to go into too much detail about that since it’s not the main topic of this test, but I’ll say this: A beginning band student wanted to play trumpet, and he waited to decide this until AFTER I had already issued the trumpets that the school owned. I suggested another instrument or he’d have to rent from an outside music vendor. That’s when the cry of “I’m poor” came out from the parents. Mind you, this school was not in a low socio-economic area or anything. Anyway, my assistant principal told me that it was my responsibility to find a way for the student to participatate, perhaps he could finger along on a pencil for a grade.

So halfway through the year I quit and went to work a CompUSA. That was ok for a little bit, but have no insurance and having to convince people that they needed to buy power cleans for their computers (meaing we blow the dust out for 10$) was kind of a drag.

Anyway, I went back into teaching and taght 8th grade reading for a year. During that time I picked up some study tools to take the math subject area cetification exam (I’d gone through differential calculus in high school, so it was no big). Now I’m in my third year teaching math. So far I’ve spend three years teach algebra 1 to the dumbet of the dumb and the lamest of the lame. I tutor algebra 2 and precalculus after school, but I don’t get to teach it at all during the day. They just hired a bunch of new teachers this year, guess what, they all have algebra 2 classes. I told my boss that I was unhappy with my teaching assignment at the beginning of the school year and he blew me off. My assistant principal raves about how good I am at engaging and instructing the low level kids, but then I get criticized when a ton of them fail. Look, they’re just plain dumb and/or lazy, what am I supposed to do about that. I’m sick of teaching dummies all day. I could go on and on at this point, but I’m getting angry and depressed, so I’ll just stop


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  1. I agree with the previous post, although, I don't see an area yet where you HAVE succeeded, and can only assume that you're the problem.

    Having had three children in the public school system here in CA, I can tell you there are too many teachers who get paid for doing too little. Always blaming someone else for their inability. I have three kids, who've all had the same Math, Science and English teachers. The math teacher is awesome, the kids love him, as do they the English teacher, and have received grades of no less than a B in all subjects, except Science. THe Science teacher, however should have retired 15 years ago. She is rude to the students, refuses to offer even the slightest amount of help, and when a student asks a question she feels is stupid, she responds in from of the entire class by saying. "please ask an intelligent question next time". THis is a classic example of someone who refuses to accept the fact that they lack the ability to perform the job for which they were hired. If you can't hack it, get the hell out!
  2. Dumb? You refer to your students as dumb? You have NO business around children, or anyone there for an education period! It isn't their fault where they come from, and the problem isn't them, it's YOU. I've had teachers like you, and guess what? Kids KNOW when you think they're 'dumb' or worthless or not worth your time. WHY did you even go back to teaching? Your attitude alone is a form of child abuse. Don't forget, these kids are our future, you may have to rely on one of them one of these days. It's hard enough to grow up without having someone like you and your bad attitude as an influence. Find something else to do, you're definitely in the WRONG profession. Go back to blowing dust or something, you can't hurt our kids anymore that way.

    P.S. And if your students don't respect you? it's probably because you don't DESERVE any!
  3. Give this teacher a break! Sheesh! Math is tough and kids are either stupid and/or lazy, as previously mentioned in the article. It's not like Phys Ed or Geography where the kids can breeze by. Math is where the rubber hits the road. Hell, I have friends who graduated from top 10 law schools who couldn't hack high school calculus. Believe it.
  4. He should find another profession, this obviously isn't it. And you shouldn't be a teacher either. You're both bad examples.
  5. I had this math teacher in college, he had a weird and maybe unfair way of grading tests, he'd take off 2 or 3 points per question on quizzes or exams and I kept trying to figure out the logic of his marks. Well he also had a tendency to slam erasers against the wall. I tried my best to be understanding as a student, I guess it's a tough subject to teach. He did have a nicer side but he sure did lay on "you damn people, why can't you get it" lines. Needless to say I had to retake the course. The pay off was a great teacher with a doctors in math. He looked like a biker dude and had a great sense of enthusiasm for math. I salute!
  6. I don't have any children but if I did I would'nt want you as there teacher !
    I'm not bashing you just being honest CLEARLY teaching is not for you !
    Teachers should love teaching and take ALL thier student ability to learn seriously and with compasion , you seemingly DO NOT have the knack for it ,
    just because you are good at math does not mean you should teach it . Do yourself and your students a favor and find a differant career , you'll be much happier in the long run !
  7. teaching sucks!!! Teachers always get theblame for everything wrong with kids. how about these parents step up to the plate and try raising their kids instead of expecting me to do it!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. You suck as a human being. Do yourself and everyone else a favor and quit.
  9. I understand. I chose Math Education as a profession and it is draining on me. Imaging teaching the other end of the spectrum, a class full of learning disabled students who lack motivation and whine all the time. Teaching can be a drag, especially being a first year teacher who gets the slim pickings when it comes to assignments. Give this guy a break, he just needed to vent, which he could be doing while teaching, but he has more respect than that. Teachers have to deal with so many issues which goes beyond the cirruculum. Egocentric highschoolers repeatidly forget their pencils, nag, sleep in class, manipulate, throw items, talk out of turn, and misuse privileges. And with all those issues, we are expected to educate when those few students will sabotage the education. True the majority of high schoolers are out to better themselved, but it is the few that bring the class down and wish that they would not come to class because they are wasting my time, the other student's time, and their own time.
  11. I must admit...I am VERY dissapointed.

    I'm a junior in high school, and I never really knew what I wanted to major in until last year - my honors alg II/trig teacher was AMAZING. poof - it came to me - I want to go into secondary education! And every time I think about it, I feel even more strongly about my goal.

    I know teaching isn't the easiest job. And I know not everyone is motivated and enthusiastic and respectful. But as a teacher, isn't that your job?

    I've never really *liked* math until my sophomore year. Why do I love it now? MY TEACHER. She was SO much fun, but really tough at the same time. Our whole class learned so much. You teachers have NO idea how influential you are!

    So I know what you're thinking..."Well, of course the advanced classes are going to be easier," but a *good* teacher will be able to motivate ANYONE.

    I lot of my friends also had my teacher for slow-paced (2-year) Algebra I class - And they liked the class, too. And, no, I do not go to school in a rich neighborhood.

    So many of my amazing teachers have motivated me to pursue my interest in secondary education. And no offense, but if you don't like your job, you shouldn't be teaching because it will not only make you miserable, but your students are also probably not going to learn anything either!

    -future teacher. and you can count on it.
  12. What I hear is not necessarily from a bad person or a bad teacher, but a very frustrated one. I have been teaching 26 years, in Texas, and it's getting harder and harder to stay with the profession. I started teaching when I was 20 - now 47. Things have truly changed during that time. I find the hardest part is all of the pressure put upon the teachers to get the students to pass the TAKS tests or whatever tests that state requires. We are slowly losing all of our fine arts because of this. Teachers are pressured to teach to the tests and then told "don't teach to the tests"(but you better make sure they all pass). I also find that year after year I am gradually losing parent support. The parents are quick to defend their child and complain about the teacher. Work is turned in later and later and many students don't care about losing point for late work. I don't know about other states, but Texas teachers are under paid, overworked, and very stressed - especially this time of the year. I spend much of my own many every year to supply my kids and classroom.
    Instead of attacking this person about his comments, we should all try to mentor him - help him figure out what he can do to make his teaching experience a positive experience. My advice is that student come from many different family situations. Try to get you to know your students on a more personal, but professional level. Be a role model - even if you have to fake it. Don't let the student's see your frustration. Let them know that you are there for them and that you care about them. Greet all classes with a smile every day. Understand that these kids will have bad days just like teachers have bad days.
    Respect is what you really need, but you have to earn it. Don't quit out of frustration. Find another teacher in your school or another school that the students respect and admire and talk to that teacher. Learn from him or her. Most of all - make time for youself. When I first started teaching I spent all weekends and evenings grading papers and making bulletin board decorations. This got old very quickly. You have to balance your time or you will burn out in no time. True teachers don't teach for the pay, but because they were called to do so. My father was a science teacher,coach, principal, and superintendent. My mother was a music teacher and tutor. My brother and both of my sister-in-laws are teachers. My mother wanted me to teach and I fought it with all my heart and soul, but the profession kept calling to here I am 26 years later with 3 years to go. It's a love/hate profession, that is not for everyone. Hang in there. Don't give up. You will know soon enough if teaching is "your thing." Best of luck.
  13. I am in complete and total agreement with the math teacher's post. I also agree with all of you who say 'get out' - you're right, but IT IS NOT THAT EASY. For three years now I have been trying to find another job and even with a Master's Degree no one will even interview me...all they want is experience in the field. It is so frustrating that I know teaching is not for me, I hate every minute of it, and yet I can't even get an interview for another job. It is extremely frustrating and depressing to know you chose the wrong career ten years ago and now you want to change and no one will give a former teacher a chance. I'm thinking of scrapping the whole job search and going back to school as soon as I figure out what it is I am really suited for and what would allow me to wake up in the mornng not in a complete state of panic that I 'can't believe I have to go to that school again'...ten years of this, and I feel like I am in prison because as badly as I want out, HOW do you get another job????????????
  14. Quote:
    Originally posted by Unregistered
    I must admit...I am VERY dissapointed.

    I'm a junior in high school, and I never really knew what I wanted to major in until last year - my honors alg II/trig teacher was AMAZING. poof - it came to me - I want to go into secondary education! And every time I think about it, I feel even more strongly about my goal.

    I know teaching isn't the easiest job. And I know not everyone is motivated and enthusiastic and respectful. But as a teacher, isn't that your job?

    I've never really *liked* math until my sophomore year. Why do I love it now? MY TEACHER. She was SO much fun, but really tough at the same time. Our whole class learned so much. You teachers have NO idea how influential you are!

    So I know what you're thinking..."Well, of course the advanced classes are going to be easier," but a *good* teacher will be able to motivate ANYONE.

    I lot of my friends also had my teacher for slow-paced (2-year) Algebra I class - And they liked the class, too. And, no, I do not go to school in a rich neighborhood.

    So many of my amazing teachers have motivated me to pursue my interest in secondary education. And no offense, but if you don't like your job, you shouldn't be teaching because it will not only make you miserable, but your students are also probably not going to learn anything either!

    -future teacher. and you can count on it.

    now THIS is who should be a teacher, it's not for everyone but people like this is who it IS for!! Go for it. I on the other hand need to get the hell OUT!
  15. How cynical of you to call your students "dummies." You seem to have no patience or tolerance to even be in a field such as teaching. That is obvious with your past dislikes in music and reading classes. Maybe you need to take a step back and re-evaulate what it is you want to do with your life. Your students may not be excelling because of your teaching methods and lack of enthusiasm. We all have our weaknesses, your students may be in math but your's is in human decency.
  16. But some times kids are just plain dumb and lazy.
    Why is everyone getting mad at this guy for being honest?
    It's just stupid to think that all kids are hard working and care about education. The trend I see now is that kids are BORED in school, they HATE school, they HATE their teachers.

    The problem is that Teachers are not I-pods, Teachers are not Gameboys, Teachers are not DVD players, CD players, MP3 Players, X-boxes, or Computer chat rooms. Kids are spoiled little brats who are "bored' if they're not playing with all their little electronic devices that keep them entertained while they're not in school.

    My students don't even know WHY they're in school. They really think they're there to play, to talk, to goof around. You should see how upset and disappointed they get when I say, "Get out some paper and a pencil." They moan and groan and complain.... "Ahhh.... why do we have to do any work?'
    They just want to play and talk.

    And when I try to teach them anything, I look out at my class of almost 30 students, and they're staring at the ceiling, they're playing with their toes, they're passing notes, talking, coloring, and doing what ever else..... Then when we have a test, they say they don't understand the work.

    And speaking of tests, kids these days are not smart enough to study for tests. They have become so used to being spoon fed, they just expect a "Study Guide", which is, for the most part, all the answers to the test that they'll be taking! And if you don't give them that, they'll all fail. I get sick of having to make up "study guide"/Cheat sheets for these kids.

    And of course, if they fail, their stupid parents will come in and blame ME. But why is it that these parents don't teach their kids to behave and pay attention in school? The real problem here is that Teachers can be held accountable.... but the parents can not be held accountable for anything! So of course it's always all the Teacher's fault! Because we CAN'T blame the parents!

    And for those of you idiots who sit there and tell this other teacher to go get another job.... in case you haven't noticed, it's not very easy to just run out and get another half way decent paying job. I make about $40,000 a year as a teacher. I know that's low pay, but in my town, the alternative would be getting a job at the mall for minimum wage..... and I can't make a living on that. So for now, until I figure something else out, I'll have to keep suffering away as a teacher.

    Those of you on here who are NOT teachers and who have NEVER BEEN a teacher, you need to shut up because you don't know what you're talking about. I, for one, support what the guy said about teaching these dumb/lazy kids. He's frustrated for a reason you'll never be able to understand.
  17. Anyone who calls their kids dummies should not be a teacher and I do not know why they ever would. Yes students may be misbehave sometimes, and not do what they are asked, but all kids will have their moments, whether at school or at home. If you can not handle the pressure of dealing with kids for an entire day and taking the good with the bad, then you should have never chose this career in the first place. And dummies...I'm still disturbed at this one!
  18. I agree with the post and with comment #16. Teaching is hard and exhausting. Believe me, there are a lot of teachers (especially in public schools) who do not like their jobs, but they would never say this. Nowadays, kids do not want to do anything.
    If you are not a teacher you have no idea what it is like to be in a classroom. I do not recommend teaching as a profession.
  19. I agree with the post and with 'mad teacher.' Teaching is hard and exhausting. Believe me, there are a lot of teachers (especially in public schools) who do not like their jobs, but they would never say this. Nowadays, kids do not want to do anything.
    If you are not a teacher you have no idea what it is like to be in a classroom. I do not recommend teaching as a profession.
  20. I am a second year math teacher and have never been so frustrated as I am now. I love math, love teaching, but am struggling with students who are not willing to do their homework, complain about everything they have to do, and pretty much refuse to take responsibilty for learning. It doesn't matter how much you teach, how many hours you put in, or if you get up there and pour your everything into your job. They don't care. If you have not ever been a teacher, you have no idea what we go through. I call parents only to have them ask me what they should do with their children because they can't deal with them! Then when little Johnnie fails, it is my fault. Nevermind that he has 25 zeros for homework not handed it which results in failing test grades. The fault goes to the teacher and the students do not have to take the responsibility for their actions. I have both students who excel and student who do not. I put in anywhere from 10-12 hours a day and then bring work home. I offer to stay after school to help anyone who needs it. We also have free tutoring at our school three days a week. But when no one comes for help, either to me or the free tutoring, there is nothing I can do. I cannot help anyone who is not willing to help himself. The result: frustration. If I didn't care, I would not be frustrated. I would get to work at 7:25 and leave at 3:30 and spend my evenings with my family. But I do care, maybe too much.
  21. I had to go on the computer and see if their was anyone out there feeling the same way. I teach 3rd grade at a "Great School", but everyday I am feel worried, sad with my job to the point that I feel my safety has been has been volated. I have take all my kids at certain times to go as a class to the bathrooms, I lock my purse always, and my door whenever I leave my room, and know I have to worry about my coworkers because they can just say the rudest things, There is no paper for the bathroom in the teacher's lounge and one of the two toilets from the teachers is broken, Today a someone knocked at my door and I rolled on my chair from my computer to the door it was this big kid from middle school asking me if I had a broom and I had to keep rolling back cause he kept coming closer and closer and looking inside my room and I was alone, and I could keep going. I also deal with kids not caring about their work and not wanting to learn and teachers that want to make everything fun learning is work and they want us to put these childrendesk in groups and all they do is talk. I mean I would too if I sat right next to my classmates so for all you teachers that think it's bad now it's only going to get worse depending on the school that you work in.
  22. I completely agree with #20.....I feel the exact same way and am torn about what to do. I consider myself a great math teacher and have been told this by many. BUT........I am getting burnt out fast! It's like I am constantly on the go go go always working hard, bringing my work home with me or else it would never get done unless I stay at school all night! I care about the kids and their grades more than they care about them!

    I feel like maybe I should just teach PE or Athletics or something. Math teachers are being overwhelmed with more and more things to teach, do, etc. It's never ending the amount of pressure and stress that gets put on me (us)! Don't get me wrong, the job definitely has it benefits and it can be very rewarding. It's just that the Cons are sooooo overwhelming.

    I want a job that when I go home, the job DOESN'T!!! It just sucks because I feel like this is what I went to school for and now I just wasted my time and money.

  23. Friends are those rare people who ask how we are and then wait to hear the answer.
  24. As a parent who does care about my child as well as his teachers, I would like to share some thoughts.
    I've had many different occupations in which I despised. I shouldn't expect teaching to be any different. The school system assigns too many kids to one teacher. Think about it, parents. Sometimes your two or three kids can cause your blood pressure to rise. Now imagine 30 of them.
    Troubled teachers, keep trying. Every student learns differently. Give yourself time to observe each student. If you can, ask them how they learn best. Some may learn by writing on the white board. Others may learn by rhyming or studying in music form.
    Observe what other great teacher have experienced. Some of their techniques may work for you. Most importantly, find a mentor. Mentors will always be there to give you advice. You can't do this on your own. I know it seems like no one understands, but your mentor will always understand.
    To make life easier for you and your students, just sit back, observe, take notes about who your students are and what works for them. After you have your notes, you can create a plan for your students.
    Lastly, let your students do homework in class so you can guide them through issues. Face it, parents can't help them. We've already forgotten everything we've learned in school.
    Once your students feel comfortable and confident about homework. Send them home with only a few problems at a time and add throughout the year.
    This all sounds ridiculous, I know. But if you find someone to help you, you can do it and everyone can enjoy class a little better.
  25. I just had to search if any other teachers feel the same way I do. It's 11pm and I'm done w/ my work....after working from 6pm until now. Oh, but I was at school from 7am until 4pm. I'm so tired of working so hard. I'm having to do more and more and the students are being held less accountable. They even have this new rule where the lowest grade someone can get is a quarter grade of 50%- for doing nothing....ever. I'd like half of my paycheck please for doing nothing. I've been teaching science now for 9 years and now with state testing it is getting worse and worse. The tests are too difficult and cover too much. Oh sure, maybe we'll meet the goal of being 100% proficient in the state by 2013? That's the goal of the Commissioner of Education. What are they smoking? I just had to vent and found this site. I love my students and I love teaching- but with 125 students and all of the paperwork, meetings, NEASC, IEP's getting to be too much for me. I'm burning out.
  26. Unknown message
  27. I'm so tired of these parents thinking they know their kids so well.
    It's not the teachers; it's the students and the double-dumb parents
    who think they know what it's like to teach your lazy kids who repeatedly
    avoid their homework and create trouble in the classroom. It all starts in the home. How about you parents taking accountability for your kids' behavior and poor performance? Don't say teachers are abusers; it you, the parents, who are; and
    Johnny and Cindy bring your abuse as their abuse into the classroom.
    Parents are amazing; they are so quick to point the finger at teachers. Meanwhile,
    instead of charing teachers, how about parents taking lessons in parenting, and
    how about you stepping up to the plate and teaching your abusive children
    to stop yelling, screaming, ranting and raving during the class--obviously those parents with these kinds of children on these posts need to not be parents.
    Get a grip on the Donny and Marie Osmond sap and get into reality because
    you suck as parents and therefore your kids suck as students. Get it?
    Dumb parents. Dumb kids. By the way, parents who responded to these posts,
    take a frickin' English class. You can't spell, and there's spell check, duh, and check
    out your grammar... No wonder you and your children are dumb as rocks!
    Go dig ditches because both you and your children will be able to handle that
    job--that's if you can both read instructions first.
  28. Hi everyone

    Im new to the site. really looking forward to meeting new people, seeing what they have to say and just really chilling on some social network other than facebook. bleh. like i said, i am me, now who are you?

    Keep smiling
  29. Just wanted to put my 2 cents in.
    This guy did 'differential equations' in Highschool.
    I say BS. I was in one of the most advanced courses in highschool in the country
    I don't see you passing calc I, II, III Linear Algebra, THEN dif/eqq... in highschool.
    And if you DID do it, you wouldn't say it is no 'big.' Because you don't get to do sports, you don't get to have a life, you devote 3 years of your life to waking up at 7 in the morning and doing math you don't understand the point of doing. It had its cost and is certainly 'a big.'

    The only true part of this story was the part where he worked for CompUSA selling dust blowouts and 'virus' removal. And, how he quit being a band instructor because like most schools, art/music gets the shaft for anything science/math/technology.
  30. I have a very similar story to a person here, I just had the most amazing math teacher this past year who literally changed my life.
    In 9th grade, I failed math. !0th grade, I passed by a point. 11th grade, I had the lowest averages a teacher had seen in 25 years. 12th grade...
    To make a very long story short, this teacher made me want to become "The best of which I'm capable" and to fulfill my potential...
    If anyone knows what the Math B Regents for NY is, they'll know how difficult it's supposed to be. This teacher I had my senior year helped me EVERY DAY for 4 and a half months straight, every 8th period, then started during 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 6th, and 7th sometimes to help me get enough knowledge into my head to pass. I ended up with an 86, which is Regents mastery.
    This teacher also made me realize that I was meant to teach. I love everything about it, helping students learn something, help them realize that they're capable, help them realize things about themselves that extend outside the classroom-the list goes on and on. And I think that's what it comes down to, what separates the good teachers from the bad-it's the teachers that actually care and aren't doing a job for a paycheck. Honestly, if you hate teaching that much, go to a different job! No one said you had to be teaching. And shame on you for saying what you said about those students. Not everyone can be as smart as you claim to be. I second "Disbeliver's" stance on that. If you were really so smart, you'd see that you weren't meant to teach.
    Teachers aren't supposed to just get students through a course. They're supposed to do what my teacher did-inspire, motivate, mentor, etc. At least the good ones do. This post has motivated me to help just as many students that you've hurt. Teachers like you are why so many students hate school, and more specifically, math. My teacher made me look forward to coming to school every day-I even went to school on some weekends to do practice math tests that he gave. I was in school more hours in one day than I was home, every day. I just don't understand why anyone would give people like you a teaching certification.

    --Another future HIGH SCHOOL MATH TEACHER.
  31. Does this mean that I dont have to go to work tomorrow?
  32. Very interesting posts. I completely understand how the original poster feels, but, as a teacher, your role is to find a way to engage your students in the subject you teach. This new generation of children are in fact very different. They come into this world with a different spirit. The same-old thing-- does not apply to them. Yes their interest wanes in the face of old ways of teaching, but, that doesn't mean you can't teach them in the old ways.
    A very high percentage of kids born in the nineties are ADHD, some are put on dangerous drugs that dumb them down for the sake of calmness. If you don't treat ADHD with drugs it is a most difficult task to keep them engaged, but it can be done.
    There is no one in the WORLD who can have a most positive or negative affect on their students, as a teacher can.
    If your effect is positive, you have turned out an unstoppable human being, but if it is negative, that may stay with this student for a lifetime, causing them to deplore learning.
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  37. I'm also a burned out math teacher. I had 10 years teaching at a school, where I received excellent evaluations ad was nominated 3 times for Who's Who of Teachers. After moving to Sacramento, I've been teaching in a different school district for the last 6 years. In those 6 years I've taught one class above Algebra 1. I teach all the low level classes, which is where the discipline problems are. People in the profession realize that there are those math teachers who are protected(they only teach Algebra 2 and above) and those that have to keep a lid on the garbage can(Algebra for repeaters, Algebra support, pre-algebra, etc.). I've been in both situations. I've heard that in these economics times, school districts are encouraging administrators to give teachers tough programs(all low classes) in order to get them to quit. The truth is that a lot of those "great teachers" are great because other teachers are warehousing the bad kids. I know many of these teacher of the year types would tear their hair out if they had to teach one of my classes.

    The real problem is that we are "Waiting for Superman." We're not a Confucian culture that values education and learning. If this country had 5 million great teachers tomorrow it wouldn't matter. The students have to bring a respective, inquisitive attitude to the classroom like Hong Kong, Singapore, Switzerland, etc.
  38. Those of you who are not teachers can NEVER understand what it's like in the classroom. This is my 11th year teaching and I can barely make myself go to work each morning. The kids are SO disrespectful and as teachers, we have NO recourse. The kids know this. They BULLY, harass, throw things, refuse to do ANY work. Lord knows, I give them 5-6 REworks on each assignment. I don't grade papers once, I grade the same papers SEVERAL times ..just TRYING to help those lazy kids who think school is a social gathering for them and their personal agendas. They have no desire to be there no matter WHAT I do. I'm a comedian, a mother, a grandmother, a scholar, etc...wear many hats to keep them ENGAGED. It STILL doesn't work. The stress from being bullied by these 9th graders has caused health issues I've NEVER HAD before. I actually had my first HEART ATTACK a month ago at age 52. And it's not ONLY the kids and their horrible attitudes, it's the other teachers who backstab, lie, don't know WHAT they're doing and exclude those who are not like them. It's negativity, a hostile working environment and this is the 3rd district I've witnessed in 11 years that is like this. So, for those of you who have NEVER taught...go back to what you were doing (McDonalds jobs or whatever) and STOP talking on this forum. You don't have a clue.
  39. You're no better.
  40. '...I can barely make myself go to work each morning. '

    This is really bad for your mental health. Take a break, call in sick for 2 weeks, see a psychiatrist and you will get that sick-leave.

    Your health matters most of all.

    And if you still are unable to tolerate the situation, do consider changing school. As the last resort , do consider quitting teaching altogether.

    Nothing is worth it if it harms it.

    Consider some strategies below that will help:

    1. Befriend the popular kids, there are some in all classes
    2. Get them on your side, and they will help you discipline the class
    3. When you need to discipline any student, give them prior warning, "You have not done 3 pieces of homework so far.... I will give another one week, and I expect.... " After another two warnings give them the discipline as warned. But do give them a choice, a. I tell your parents about it, b. You stay back after school to do it - tell them the time and day c. You need to do community work, sweep the classromm d. you are in charge of getting me the work, etc.....

    The above tells the class you are a reasonable person, you work hard, you want them to do well, and you expect them to have discipline

    How to make the kids like you

    1. Tell them some stories, jokes etc related to the lesson you are teaching. Maybe a short inspiring story about how a famous figure who was not a top student but who became a great Military Strategist.... Winston churchill. Captain Bader is another great story. You need not tell the entire story, tell parts, and promise to continue in the next lesson if 90% hand in the work, or if everyone cooperates, listens in class; "we get this done and i will continue with the story..."

    2. Tell them personal anecdotes, students love it. They feel that you are their friend, and have frustrations like them too, Like, " I was a horrible at English when I was your age...."

    3. If you are unable to get help, offer to help other teachers....arrange a free period when you go to a colleagea's class to help him with discipline. He could do the same for you. Tell the students..."Mr Adam is here today to observe your behaviour....whatever, cook up a likely story"
    Best of luck

    Hope you remain positive. I was "there, done that..."

    a teacher, about to retire after 25 years, before that I was a nurse, lol
  41. Great quote
  42. OK Ok...hold on. So you call yourself a math teacher. Right - LOTS of your kids seem not to learn the math that you expect them to. What do they see IN YOU that makes you worthy to teach them? What kind of character traits do you exemplify to them? Have you earned their respect? (I don't mean do you deserve their respect, but have you EARNED their respect in their eyes?) I'm in my second year teaching math at an inner city high school in the deepest of the deep in philadelphia -- and I have doctor bills, a scar, and an MRI to prove it. I pride myself in providing (to the best of my ability) the safest classroom in my school (and that took a lot of head butting with some numb skull boys and hysterical girls). Kids know it and this has earned me creds.

    I teach geometry and Algebra 2. Sure - my students don't come to my class with a pencil or notebook (or with the necessary math skills expected for geometry and algebra 2) but I have to take what I get and make the best of it. Homework? I assign it and grade whatever gets returned in the most positive way that I can. Sure, some kids will NEVER do homework (they're too busy cleaning up their drunken mother's vomit); however, they WILL cooperate in class in ways they never have before WHEN THEY KNOW THEIR ARE VERY DEFINITE REWARDS AND "CONSEQUENCES" for their participation and behavior.

    Sometimes you just gotta say "to hell with standardized test results." Just do the best that you can with your students and for your students -- in curriculum subject matter and in being an EXEMPLAR. The kids with self respect will be magnetically attracted to you and all the teachers and administrators in the school will know you for that. Do your best teaching the subject matter, but do not waste energy worrying about the results of standardized tests. That nervous energy should be redirected toward living in the "NOW" with your students -- and who knows, such attention toward them may draw out possibilities and uncover capacities that you never thought were inherent in your "dummies" to begin with.
  43. I need to contact site admin urgently. Can you understand me?
    bye bye )
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